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Character Profile: Teru Mikami

USA Info
Japanese Info
Teru Mikami Teru Mikami(魅上 照) Teru Mikami (Death Note)
X Kira X Kira
Human Human
Male Male
21 years old(at debut)(born June 7, 1985)(anime) 21 years old(at debut)(born June 7, 1985)(anime)
· · ·
21 years old(at debut)(born June 7, 1982)(manga) 21 years old(at debut)(born June 7, 1982)(manga)
Black Black
Brown Brown
5'9" 175cm
123.5 lbs 56kg
Type A Type A
Fourth Kira Fourth Kira
Kirby Morrow Masaya Matsukaze
Episode 31 Episode 31
Death Note Death Note

Character Description: Teru Mikami

Mikami is selected as the fourth Kira by Light, after Light decides that it is too dangerous for the Death Note to be near Misa or himself, since he and Misa are currently under surveillance by Aizawa and Mogi. A prosecuting attorney and adamant supporter of Kira, Mikami shares many of the same ideals, thoughts, and priorities as Kira, and is ecstatic when he discovers that Kira, his God, has chosen him, proving that God is on his side and watching. He is completely devoted and loyal to Kira, believing that divine justice must be brought down upon the people.

Mikami appears to have no hobbies or anything else of the sort. He chants "delete" with each name he writes down in the Death Note due to events in his past when he thought God was "deleting" the evil people in his life. He, like Misa, has made the exchange of half his remaining years for Shinigami Eyes.

When Mikami was a child he was bullied for what he believed in, righteousness. And the very people who teased him somehow ended up dying. Even his own mother was killed due to the fact that she didn't what him to get hurt anymore. We also learn that he seems to have a daily routine. Going to work then to the gym and leaving at the same time everyday. That was how Near was able to switch Mikami's death note with a fake one. Unlike Light, he judges the unproductive and those who had committed crimes in their past.

Mikami died on February 7, 2010 (in the manga) at the age of 27.

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