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Anime Profile: Debts of Desire

USA Info
Japanese Info
Debts of DesireGakuen ~Chijoku No Zushiki~ ("Campus ~Scheme of Shame~") (学園~恥辱の図式~)Debts of Desire
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Campus ~Scheme of Shame~
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
June 28, 2005
Critical Mass
Vanilla SeriesVanilla Series
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Kimura ⊕Kimura ⊕
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Mai Mutsuki ⊕Mai Mutsuki ⊕
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Masaki Morikawa ⊕Masaki Morikawa ⊕
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Characters: Debts of Desire

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Kimura ⊕ Kimura ⊕ Mizuki Kanna ⊕ Mizuki Kanna ⊕
Mai Mutsuki ⊕ Mai Mutsuki ⊕ Riko ⊕ Riko ⊕
Masaki Morikawa ⊕ Masaki Morikawa ⊕ Ueda ⊕ Ueda ⊕

Description: Debts of Desire

Debts of Desire Masaki Morikawa has really done it this time! Taking the car without permission, without even a drivers license, and then plowing it into the side of a building... good thing his father is a powerful man, president of both his own company and the school Masaki attends. But dad's had it with his son's reckless and irresponsible ways, and he tells Masaki that this is it, after this incidence he will no longer call Masaki his son. He cannot trust the future of his empire to such careless boy, and so he tells Masaki right there that he is disowned, and cut off. To help the boy out, he pulls out a bunch of invoices from his desk, invoices of old debts that he says he never excepts to see money from, and gives them to Masaki to do with what he will, hopefully to show that he can get things done.

Debts of Desire At first, Masaki doesn't take the invoices seriously. It's not until Riko, their maid, points out to Riko that one of his school buddies' father is listed on an invoice. That peaks Masaki's attention, and gets him to finally actually go to class, even if it is only to collect a mountain of money. So what if it make his school pal's father go out of the business he worked so hard to build. Oh yeah, and the school pal in question just happens to be an attractive, busty young woman named Mizuki Kanna. Did I forget to mention that? Well Mizuki can hardly believe it herself, but after she's able to verify Masaki's claim, she becomes desperate to help save her father's business, not to mention her home. "I'll do anything", she says... and Masaki takes her up on that!

Debts of Desire Then on the walk home one evening, Masaki literally runs into an old friend, another attractive, busty young woman, this one named Mai Mutsuki. Mai is overjoyed to see her old pal, Masaki. Unfortunately, Mai's father also seems to owe a huge amount of money to their family, which makes what Masaki has to ask her all that much more... oh who am I kidding, it doesn't make it difficult at all. Masaki gets off on doing this kind of thing! At least time it's not quite blackmail, as least not like it was with Mizuki. You see, Mai has actually been in love from before, so it doesn't take much to start their "relations". But Mai doesn't know about Mizuki, and what Masaki is doing to her... well, at least not yet. Oops, did I say too much?

And just when it looks like everything's going Masaki's way, just when it seems that he actually can make it on his own, just when it looks like he's found his mojo... BAM! Riko, the blue haired beauty, jumps back into the picture to take center stage and turns everything upside down.

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