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Anime Profile: Debutante Detective Corps

USA Info
Japanese Info
Debutante Detective CorpsOjousama Sousamou (お嬒様捜査碲)Debutante Detective Corps
1 OVA Episode1 OVA Episode
August 26, 1997 (VHS)April 1, 1996
· · ·
January 25, 2005 (DVD)
ADV FilmsFAI/GAINAX/Studio 4Β°C/Image Works/TOHO
Atsushi Wakamatsu
Akiyuki Shinbo
Action, ComedyAction, Comedy
Kimiko AyanokoujiKimiko Ayanokouji
· · ·
Kaatsu βŠ• Kaatsu βŠ•
· · ·
Keibuho Daichi βŠ• Keibuho Daichi βŠ•
· · ·
Maachin βŠ• Maachin βŠ•
· · ·
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Characters: Debutante Detective Corps

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Kimiko Ayanokouji Kimiko Ayanokouji Molokov βŠ• Molokov βŠ•
Kaatsu βŠ• Kaatsu βŠ• Nina Kirov βŠ• Nina Kirov βŠ•
Keibuho Daichi βŠ• Keibuho Daichi βŠ• Nomura Keiji βŠ• Nomura Keiji βŠ•
Maachin βŠ• Maachin βŠ• Reika Shuu βŠ• Reika Shuu βŠ•
Miyuki Ayanokouji βŠ• Miyuki Ayanokouji βŠ• Yoko Ryuuzaki βŠ• Yoko Ryuuzaki βŠ•

Description: Debutante Detective Corps

Debutante Detective Corps begins with the rather flashy arrival of five popular girls at school. (Miyuki, Reika, Youko, Nina, and Kimiko). Each of them are incredibly wealthy, though life ain't worry free.

They have been sent a threatening video tape by a mysterious group of terrorists. The girls are placed under protective custody by the Police, until Kimiko decides to solve the problem herself and tricks the Police into leaving the school. From then on the girls are attacked by the terrorists. But ultimately, chaos ensues as the girls take them all on at full force. At the end of this crazy day, the school will never be the same....

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