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Anime Profile: Denno Coil

USA Info
Japanese Info
Denno Coil Denno Koiru("Computer Coil")(Coil: A Circle of Children)(電脳コイル) Denno Coil
· · ·
  Computer Coil
26 TV Episodes 26 TV Episodes
  May 12, 2007–Dec 1, 2007
  Madhouse, Bandai Visual, NHK, Tokuma Shoten
  Mitsuo Iso
  Mitsuo Iso
Adventure, Sci-Fi, Mystery Adventure, Sci-Fi, Mystery
4423/Nobuhiko Amasawa 4423/Nobuhiko Amasawa
· · ·
· · ·
Akira Akira
· · ·
Daichi Daichi
· · ·
Daichichi Daichichi
· · ·
Denpa Denpa
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Denno Coil

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
4423/Nobuhiko Amasawa 4423/Nobuhiko Amasawa Kanna Kanna
Aiko --?-- Kyoko Kyoko
Akira Akira Megabaa Megabaa
Daichi Daichi Namecchi Namecchi
Daichichi Daichichi Nekome Nekome
Denpa Denpa Obachan Obachan
Densuke --?-- Takeru Takeru
Fumie Fumie Uchikune Uchikune
Gachagiri Gachagiri Yūko "Isako" Amasawa Yūko "Isako" Amasawa
Haraken Haraken Yūko ''Yasako" Okonogi Yūko ''Yasako" Okonogi

Anime Description: Denno Coil

Denno Coil takes place in a future where the technology of the Internet has reached all new horizons. Taking place in 2026, eleven years have passed since the creation of Augmented Eyeglasses. These new inventions are capable of putting the wearer in a new Virtual Internet world.

A girl named Yuko Okonogi moves to the city of Daikoku with her family. (Daikoku is the technological center of this new technology.) Learning her grandmother is part of a Special Investigation Agency (mostly comprised of children with virtual tools and metatags at their disposal), Yuko becomes their newest member. During their cases, they discover a mysterious rash of disappearances among children involving a mysterious alternate reality. They soon learn of the dark and dangerous secrets surrounding the Augmented Virtual World.

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