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Character Profile: Asato Tsuzuki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Asato Tsuzuki Asato Tsuzuki Asato Tsuzuki (Descendants of Darkness)
Guardian of Death Shinigami
Male Male
26 years old(at death)(born February 24, 1900) 26 years old(at death)(born February 24, 1900)
Brown Brown
Violet Violet
5'11" 180 cm
Type B Type B
Guardian of Death Guardian of Death
"I make sure to have dessert after every meal"  
Dan Green Miki Shinichirou
Descendants of Darkness Yami no Matsuei

Character Description: Asato Tsuzuki

Asato Tsuzuki is the head top Guardian of Death in the Kyushu branch of Hades (where the Guardians of Death work), although he's not really aware of it. This is because Tsuzuki has an addiction to food. He runs high food bills, especially when it comes to sweets and cakes (his favorite is apple pie), which is not taken well by Tatsumi the penny-pinching secretary. Because of his skill he somehow manages to get off every time, but it's still hard for him to hang onto a partner. Tsuzuki's newest partner is Hisoka.

Even though Tsuzuki seems to be immature and far too kind for his own good, he has a serious side too. He tends to take everything serious in his own ways, but especially certain cases. Tsuzuki seems to detest Muraki most of all for what he's done not only to Hisoka but to so many others as well.

Tsuzuki can summon the twelve animal gods (or "Shinigami") according to the manga, however in the anime it is only three- Suzaku (a fire-bird), Byakko (a tiger), and a snake.

His dark past obviously affects what kind of a person he is now, and he seems to constantly regret what's happened to him.

Asato Tsuzuki is the slacker of the department. In the department Tsuzuki would be called the worse Guardian of Death. But that might not be the case since some wacko guy (Muraki) is after him. But despite the idiot side, there is part of him that is serous. At first his past is unknown, but as time goes it comes out.

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