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Character Profile: Dr. Kazutaka Muraki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dr. Kazutaka MurakiDr. Kazutaka MurakiDr. Kazutaka Muraki (Descendants of Darkness)
32 years old (born December 4, 1964)32 years old (born December 4, 1964)
Platinum BlondePlatinum Blonde
Type AType A
Doctor, sorcerer, murdererDoctor, sorcerer, murderer
Edward MacLeodShou Hayami
Descendants of DarknessYami no Matsuei

Character Description: Dr. Kazutaka Muraki

Kazutaka Muraki is quite an enigma; he is quite a villain! Born on December 4th, 1964, he looks young for his age. He is the last of a long line of doctors, and is highly respected by many, except by those who know, and have seen the real Muraki. The true nature of Kazutaka Muraki is quite horrifying; he is a brutal murderer, having killed Tsuzuki's partner, Hisoka Kurosaki, among others, and tends to think of human life as something that can simply be thrown away. Despite showing no sympathy for anyone or anything, he uninhibitedly lusts after the main protagonist of the series, Asato Tsuzuki. He is determined to win Tsuzuki over, and will go to all lengths to ensure that, including kidnapping and murdering, all just to force Tsuzuki to unwillingly go on a date with him.

To add to the other acts of extremeness he has committed, he, in the long run, is searching desperately for a way to bring his half-brother, Saki, back to life. This is why he keeps the decapitated head and spine of his half-brother in a container. He wishes to use a body that will live during the stages of bringing Saki back to life, and given the fact that for eight years Tsuzuki survived with no food or water and barely any sleep, it's easy to see why Muraki has targeted him. If he were to use Tsuzuki's body then the chances of bringing his brother back to life are much higher. Oh, and the reason he he hopes to one day bring Saki back to life is so that he can kill Saki with his own two hands.

Seemingly the cause of most cases Tsuzuki and Hisoka are put up against, he is quite a memorable villain.

His right eye is actually mechanical.

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