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Character Profile: Yutaka Watari

USA Info
Japanese Info
Yutaka Watari Yutaka Watari Yutaka Watari (Descendants of Darkness)
Human Human
Male Male
24 years old(at death) 24 years old(at death)
Blonde Blonde
Brown Brown
5'10" 178 cm
Type O Type O
Shinigami Shinigami
"Show me your body!"  
Eric Stuart Seki Toshihiko
Descendants of Darkness Yami no Matsuei

Character Description: Yutaka Watari

Yutaka Watari, Shinigami of the 6th Sector Chiki. He is the EnmaCho's (the Ministry of Hades) physician (doctor) and scientist. He says that he himself is a chemist (when he's actually a mechanic) trying to create an Instant Sex-Change Potion. He's always cheerful and slightly eccentric, which is a refreshing change to all the angst in this series.

Watari is at all times found with an adorable chubby little owl known as 003 (zero-zero-three) somewhere flapping around his head. Watari's home is filled with birds of all sorts. And to add, Watari has extraordinary powers; he can give life to sketches and machines (inanimate objects). The object comes to life by it being given a soul to carry. But, Watari's drawing skills are about advanced as a toddler (proves to in the manga).

Watari seldom leaves his laboratory for food or for sleep (meaning he stays at his laboratory nearly 24/7 when he isn't needed). But, when he does leave, he's most likely out on a mission with Tatsumi, Tsuzuki, and Bon (known as Hisoka). And this is in both the anime and the manga.

Character Description: Yutaka Watari

Yutaka Watari is the blonde genki scientist and (slightly insane) doctor of the Shikon Division. He is also a self-proclaimed chemist and somewhat of an inventor. He created "Jason-kun" (a cutting/slicing mechanism) and has for the longest time been trying (and failing) to make a sex-changing potion. During the "Devil's Trill-Arch", he was seen as the sort-of Head of Research.

Watari is often accompanied by a cute little owl that always perches on his shoulder named 003. He sometimes acts as Seiichiro Tatsumi's partner.

He has a very interesting power: he can give "life" to his drawings or to other inanimate objects. However, his drawing skills errr...need a little work.

He was born (and died) in Kyoto and is generally a very cheerful and helpful Shinigami, however he knows when to drop the genki-ness and take things seriously. He has weird accent because he was born in Kyoto and raised in Osaka. His motto is "A smile cost nothing".

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