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Anime Profile: Desert Punk

USA Info
Japanese Info
Desert Punk Sunabozu("Sand Boy")(砂ぼうず) Desert Punk
· · ·
  Sand Boy
24 TV episodes 24 TV episodes
February 2, 2006 October 4, 2004–March 15, 2005
FUNimation Gonzo, CBC, Pony Canyon
  Masatoshi Usune
  Takayuki Inagaki
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Sci-Fi Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Sci-Fi
Akio Kawaguchi Akio Kawaguchi
· · ·
Fuyo Kawaguchi Fuyou Kawaguchi
· · ·
Kanta Mizuno Kanta Mizuno
· · ·
Rain Spider  
· · ·
Haru Kawaguchi Haru Kawaguchi
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Desert Punk

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akio Kawaguchi Akio Kawaguchi Igara Igara
Fuyo Kawaguchi Fuyou Kawaguchi Junko Asagiri Junko Asagiri
Kanta Mizuno Kanta Mizuno Kosuna Kosuna
Rain Spider --?-- Okawa Okawa
Haru Kawaguchi Haru Kawaguchi    

Anime Description: Desert Punk

Japan in the future has been reduced to an inhospitable wasteland. Kanta Mizuno, the Desert Punk, travels the Great Kanto Desert eking out a living in this harsh environment. He's not exactly what you would call a 'model citizen'... he's been known to use questionable methods, to mention being a big pervert... but he prides himself with completing whatever job he's given, then collecting the money and moving on into the desert.

However, everything changes when Kanta happens upon Junko Asagiri, a beautiful mercenary he stupidly rescues from a competitor of hers, only to have Junko double-cross him as payment for saving her (it must've been Kanta seeing her very big boobs that started it). Now the little runt finds himself having to contend with Junko, but also Kosuna, a pint-sized sharpshooter who's striving to help him out whenever possible... as well as a deadly rival named Rain Spider trying to kill him!

Earning a living in the desert isn't as easy as it sounds.

Anime Description: Desert Punk

In the far future, mankind has laid waste to the Earth, turning it into a giant desert. In the Great Kantou Desert (formally Japan), many people struggle to make a living in the hot sands, and only the strongest manage to thrive. Among them is a short-statured bounty hunter named Sunabozu, who has a reputation for being the deadliest Bounty Hunter in the Kantou Desert.

However, after a mission involving a beautiful woman turns the tables on Sunabozu, he now struggles to reclaim what he has lost and his title of the "Demon of the Sand." However, the only thing standing in his way is his weakness for the opposite sex.... especially when its named Junko Asagiri.

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