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Character Profile: Kanta Mizuno

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kanta Mizuno Kanta Mizuno Kanta Mizuno (Desert Punk)
Sunabozu Sunabozu(砂ぼうず)
Human Human
Male Male
Appears 17 years old Appears 17 years old
Black Black
Black Black
Desert Punk Desert Punk
Eric Vale Chihiro Suzuki
Episode 1 Episode 1
Desert Punk Sunabozu

Character Description: Kanta Mizuno

Mizuno Kanta (aka "Sunabozu") is a teenage-mercenary who makes his life as a bounty hunter. An interesting detail is his weapon - his father's old Winchester which he uses very skillfully and a rocket pack with a hook on a rope. His nickname, Sunabozu, he stems from his tactics - he always hides himself in the sand and makes his "targets" go crazy by frightening them or something like that (like surrounding his enemy by a couple of balloons - the copies of him). About himself he says "I'm the one who makes his job to the end."

As a personality he is a real pervert that goes crazy over big breasted women. When he meets Asagiri Djunko his first phrase is about her extremely big breasts, earning hima nice kick in the face (Episode 1). Then when he meets Kosuna he tells her that he's not interested in her because she's a "flatchested little brat". But he changes his mind after looking at the photo of Kosuna's mother and takes her as a pupil, making her to do all the dirty jobs - making traps, digging pits and other. Despite this, she is loyal to him and does everything he says.

Sunabozu is also very greedy - he's interested only in the money. He betrays his friends in the end by helping the government of the Kanto desert just because they pay more (he tells that he had no choice and he will get a better life). But despite his pervert-ness and greed, he's a real nutter. In the episode "Tank and the machine gun" he defeats the "Dragon Kong" (the hovertank) by standing in the front of him till the last moment and shoots in the rock above the tank.

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