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Case ClosedMeitantei Conan (εζŽ’ε΅γ‚³γƒŠγƒ³) ("Detective Conan")Case Closed
· · ·
Detective Conan
50 TV episodes440+ TV episodes, 10 movies (series may be ongoing)
May 24, 2004Jan. 1996β€”?
FUNimationTokyo Movie Shinsha
Michihiko Suwa
Gosho Aoyama
Kanetsugu Kodama, Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Comedy, MysteryComedy, Mystery
Amy YoshidaAyumi Yoshida
· · ·
Booker KudoYusaku Kudou
· · ·
Detective Richard MooreDetective Kogorou Mouri
· · ·
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Characters: Case Closed

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Amy Yoshida Ayumi Yoshida Sherry/Anita Hailey Shiho Miyano/Ai Haibara
Booker Kudo Yusaku Kudou Vivian Kudo Yukiko Kudou
Detective Richard Moore Detective Kogorou Mouri Eva Kaden βŠ• Eri Kisaki βŠ•
Dr. Agasa Prof. Agasa Gin (Kaspar) βŠ• Gin βŠ•
George Kojima Genta Kojima Officer Wilmer βŠ• Takagi Wataru βŠ•
Harley Hartwell Heiji Hattori Vodka βŠ• Vodka βŠ•
Inspector Meguire Inspector Megure --?-- Akemi Miyano βŠ•
Jimmy Kudo/Conan Edogawa Shinichi Kudou/Conan Edogawa --?-- Jodie Saintemillion βŠ•
Kirsten Thomas Kazuha Toyama --?-- Kyogoku Makoto βŠ•
Mitch Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya --?-- Masafumi Yokomizo βŠ•
Phantom Thief Kid Kaitou Kid --?-- Sato Miwako βŠ•
Rachel Moore Ran Mouri --?-- Shiratori Ninzaburo βŠ•
Saguru Hakuba Saguru Hakuba --?-- Sonoko Suzuki βŠ•
Serena Sebastian Sonoko Suzuki

Description: Case Closed

Detective Conan is the intriguing story of Conan Edogawa, a little boy with his own share of secrets, and his adventures against the shady world of crime. Himself a victim of a crime of most unusual circumstances, he's formed a band called the Junior Detective League [Detective Boys] and is setting out to solve crimes, one mystery at a time.

At the age of 17, Shinichi Kudo was a high school detective. One day he was knocked over and fed an experimental drug that was meant to kill him. Instead, it changed him into a kid. To protect his family from the men that poisoned him, he changed his name to Conan Edogawa (which he pieced together from the authors Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edogawa Ranpo).

This is the longest running single series in known anime (last clocked in at over 300 episodes, that takes it above Dragon Ball Z's 276 episodes).

Description: Case Closed

Shinichi Kudou was a bright student who attended Teitan High School, and often helped police officers solve crimes. Then one day he was investigating two suspicious people in black suits. Those men, later recognized as Gin and Vodka, found him spying on them and then gave Shinichi, a medicine that was supposed to have killed him, but that actually just shrunk his body. He then began his adventure as Conan Edogawa, and stayed with Ran Mouri, his best friend. As Ran's father, Kogoro Mouri, is a not-so-great detective, Shinichi/Conan started to help him behind the curtain, which made the detective quite famous. What Conan really wants is to track down Gin, Vodka, and the Black organization so he can get find a cure for his predicament.

As the time goes on, Conan starts attending Teitan Elementary School, and make friends with some 6 year-old kids, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Genta. With the help of Dr. Agasa who makes some useful equipment, such as communication badges, they started a club called Detective Boys.

Conan later encountered Haibara, the inventor of the tonic that transformed Shinichi into a kid. She ran away from the black organization by drinking the medicine. She later joined Conan and his friends, and also entered Teitan elementary while living with Dr. Agasa.

As everything seemed to be settled down, Jodie Saintemillion, a new English teacher in Teitan High School seemed quite suspicious. She arrived by the time Chris Vinyard, the third member of Black organization, arrived from USA to join Gin and Vodka. Conan and Heiji, his rival, are currently working together to investigate the teacher.

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