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Character Profile: Kaito Kuroba

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kaito Kuroba Kaito Kuroba(黒羽 快斗) Kaito Kuroba (Case Closed)
Phantom Thief Kid Kaito Kid(怪盗キッド)
· · ·
Phantom Thief 1412 Kaito 1412(怪盗1412)
Human Human
Male Male
17 years old 17 years old
Brown Brown
Blue Blue
5′8″ 174cm
127lbs 58kg
Type B Type B
Phantom Thief; Magician; Student Phantom Thief; Magician; Student
  "Ladies and Gentlemen"
Jerry Jewel Kappei Yamaguchi
Episode 78: "Phantom Thief 1412 Part 1" Episode 76: "Conan vs. Kaitou Kid"
Case Closed Detective Conan(名探偵 コナン)

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Character Description: Kaito Kuroba

Kaito Kuroba starred in his own unfinished series, Magic Kaito starting in 1988. Since then, he has made several appearances throughout Detective Conan/Case Closed as Kaito (Phantom Thief) Kid, though his day name has yet to be revealed in the anime.

Kaito Kuroba is the son of the famous magician Toichi Kuroba, the first Kaito Kid. When Kaito was seven, his father died in an accident on stage. When, eight years later, Toichi's faithful assistant Jii Konsuke took up his master's role as Moonlight Magician.

Challenged by his childhood friend Aoko Nakamori, Kaito decided he would capture Kaito Kid, but soon afterward, Kaito discovered a secret room in his own house and discovered that his father was the original Kaito Kid. After a confrontation with Jii in which Kaito discovered that his father's death had been a murder rather than an on-stage accident, Kaito decided to take up his father's mantle, searching for the men who killed Toichi.

Having learned magic from his father when he was young, Kaito uses his magic in class, in the form of pranks, and during heists where he humiliates the many policemen, including Aoko's father, Ginzo Nakamori.

While on a heist, Kaito found that his father had been perusing a gem called Pandora, a gem that supposedly glowed red under the moonlight and wept tears of immortality when the Volley Comet passes every 10,000 years. This gem is also pursued by the Black Organization, and Kaito's goal is to capture and destroy this gem before the Organization can get a hold of it.

Kaito's number one rule is "Nobody gets hurt," and he sends warning letters in the form of riddles before each heist. He also returns the items he steals after verifying the fact that they are not Pandora.

Kaito also has a rivalry with detectives Saguru Hakuba and Conan Edogawa.

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