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Rachel MooreRan Mouri (毛利 蘭)Rachel Moore (Case Closed)
17 years old17 years old
5'3"160 cm
High School StudentHigh School Student
"Ha ha ha ha. *Crunch* If you keep talking like that, you will be next." (play clip)
Coleen ClinkenbeardWakana Yamazaki
Case ClosedDetective Conan

Character Description: Rachel Moore

Rachel Moore is Jimmy's girlfriend, though in the beginning, she doesn't seem ready to admit that. It's only after Jimmy disappears that Rachel begins to miss him. But soon after, Dr. Agasa leaves her with a troublesome little charge: little Conan Edogawa. Little does Rachel know that little Conan is really Jimmy, shrunk down to the body of a eight-year-old. For a time, she begins to suspect the truth, forcing Conan to resort to trickery to throw off Rachel's investigations.

Rachel has her own noteworthy traits. She is captain of the school karate team, and she can be a terror when she's angry. She may still smile, but if she's ticked, you'll know it...'cause something will get broken. She's crunched her father's work desk and punched a chunk out of a concrete telephone pole, among other things. At least one criminal's also felt the fury of her hands and feet.

She currently lives with her father, Richard, who is an incompetent private detective. But Rachel takes more after her mother, Eva Kaden, who is separated and lives elsewhere.

Character Description: Rachel Moore

Ran Mouri is Shinichi Kudo's childhood friend. She learned karate, and is a stubborn but determined teenage girl. Her parents separated years ago, and now she lives with her father, Kogoro Mouri, who's a detective. Her mother, Eri Kisaki, is a great lawyer and lives by herself in a big apartment far away from Kogoro's detective office.

Since Shinichi disappeared, Ran still waits for him to return, believing he's handling some crime somewhere. They usually communicate with phone calls. She's suspected that Conan was Shinichi several times, but he was always able to convince her otherwise.

Ran's best friend is Sonoko Suzuki, a rich girl whose father owns a big company. She's also good friends with Kazuha Toyama, Heiji Hattori's childhood friend.

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