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Anime Profile: De:vadasy

USA Info
Japanese Info
De:vadasy De:vadasy De:vadasy
· · ·
Devadasy(alternate spelling) Devadashii(romanization)
3 OVA episodes(23 minutes each) 3 OVA episodes(23 minutes each)
2000 2000
Arvintel Media Prod.(dubbing), AnimeWorks(distribution), Media Blasters(license) AIC
  Kazumi Fujita
Ruben Arvizu Nobuhiro Kondo
Mecha Mecha
Amala Minakushi Amala Minakushi
· · ·
Kei Anno Kei Anno
· · ·
Misako Takashina Misako Takashina
· · ·
Naoki Matsudo Naoki Matsudo
· · ·
Professor Anno Professor Anno
· · ·
Yamada Yamada

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Description: De:vadasy

To this day, whenever we hear the word "De:vadasy", the words "Evangelion rip-off" immediately come to mind (to those who have seen the show anyway). Despite that "curse", De:vadasy is definitely a mystery that keeps you trying to figure out what it is, even after you finish the whole thing.

In the year 2012, an unknown force is invading Earth (Angels, anyone?). And so young school-hating pervert Kei Anno (not as depressing as Shinji Ikari) is chosen, along with always serious looking girl Amala Minakushi (Rei Ayanami, anyone?), to save the world using the mecha known as De:vadasy which gives new meaning to the word stimulation (it runs on sexual energy).

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