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Devil Hunter YohkoMamano Hunter Yohko (魔物ハンター妖)Devil Hunter Yohko
5 OVA episodes, 1 OVA music video5 OVA episodes, 1 OVA music video
A.D. VisionN.C.S./Toho Co.
Miyao Gaku
Tetsuro Aoki (ep.1)
· · ·
Hisashi Abe (eps.2,3)
· · ·
Haruo Itsuki (ep.4)
· · ·
Junichi Sakata (ep.5)
· · ·
Akiyuki Shinbo (ep.6)
Action, EcchiAction, Ecchi
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Characters: Devil Hunter Yohko

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ayako Mano Ayako Mano Haruka Mano Haruka Mano
Azusa Kanzai Azusa Kanzai Madoka Mano Madoka Mano
Chi Ogawa Chi Ogawa Sayoko Mano Sayoko Mano
Chiaki Mano Chiaki Mano Yohko Mano Yohko Mano

Description: Devil Hunter Yohko

Devil Hunter Yohko, commonly known as Mamono Hunter Yohko, is a japanese animation series about 16 year old Yohko Mano. She is your typical guy-crazy teenager who shows up late to school, hangs out with her best friend Chi, and is a little lax about studying. However, cute, bouncy Yohko has been training since childhood in the art of Devil Hunting (unbeknowngst to her) by her Grandma-ma Madoka, and inherits the mantle of being the 108th generation Devil Hunter.

The series is a an action/comedy with a tiny flair for sexual situations, most notably in Volume 1, as we watch Yohko mercifulessly banish the demons from Earth. Along the way Yohko almost loses her virginity, gains a sidekick named Azusa, frees a prince from emprisonment, and dies (but just a little). Nobody will ever nominate the series for ground-breaking storylines, but Devil Hunter Yohko is nevertheless a fun series. Although the first volume is a little racy for some, the rest of the volumes are more appropriate for general viewing.

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