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Anime Profile: The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

USA Info
Japanese Info
The Devil Is a Part-Timer!Hataraku Maou-sama! (はたらく魔王さま!)The Devil Is a Part-Timer!
13 TV Episodes13 TV Episodes
April 4, 2013 – June 27, 2013
FUNimationWHITE FOX, Genco, HM Project, Lantis, Pony Canyon, Bushiroad Inc., The Klockworx Co., Ltd.
Satoshi Wagahara (和ヶ原 聡司)
Naoto Hosoda (細田 直人)
Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Slice of LifeAction, Comedy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Slice of Life
Emi Yusa/Heroine EmiliaEmi Yusa/Heroine Emilia
· · ·
Hanzō Urushihara/Demon General LuciferHanzō Urushihara/Demon General Lucifer
· · ·
Miki ShibaMiki Shiba
· · ·
Rika SuzukiRika Suzuki
· · ·
Sadao Maou/Demon King SatanSadao Maou/Demon King Satan
· · ·
Shirō Ashiya/Demon General AlcielShirō Ashiya/Demon General Alciel
· · ·
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Characters: The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Emi Yusa/Heroine Emilia Emi Yusa/Heroine Emilia Chiho Sasaki Chiho Sasaki
Hanzō Urushihara/Demon General Lucifer Hanzō Urushihara/Demon General Lucifer Emerada Emerada
Miki Shiba Miki Shiba Kawa-cchi Kawa-cchi
Rika Suzuki Rika Suzuki Mayumi Kisaki Mayumi Kisaki
Sadao Maou/Demon King Satan Sadao Maou/Demon King Satan Mitsuki Sarue/Sariel Mitsuki Sarue/Sariel
Shirō Ashiya/Demon General Alciel Shirō Ashiya/Demon General Alciel Orba Mayer Orba Mayer
Albert Ende Albert Ende Suzuno Kamazuki Suzuno Kamazuki

Description: The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

In an alternate dimension, a powerful demon lord is one step closer to securing a world for himself when he is defeated by his greatest enemy. Spent, the demon lord, along with his faithful general, is forced to seek shelter at the first place he lands – modern-day Tokyo! With no powers to speak of, the demon, now in the form of a teenager named Mao Sadao, has to survive in order to make a return to battle. The only problem is he now has to do it – by working flipping burgers and dealing with difficult customers at a fast-food restaurant! And to make matters worse, the enemy that beat him, also powerless, is in Tokyo as well – and she's looking for him... mainly to finish him off!

Description: The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

In another dimension, a supernatural battle is waged between good and evil. The Demon King Sadao is just one step away from conquering the world, and the final battle between him and Emilia's forces rages on. However, there is one unfortunate and unexpected twist... they both wind up in Japan on Modern day Earth.

Finding out that Sadao and his servant have lost all of their powers and are forced to live as normal human beings, they literally find themselves as fishes out of water. So what is a Demon lord hellbent on conquest to do? Work in the fast food industry! Sadao also learns that Emilia herself has followed him to Earth and she also must learn to adapt to the customs of Modern Day society. For both of them, adapting to the customs of Earth might bring about a great change in both of them. Whether they like it or not....

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