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Emilia Justina,Emiria Yusutina (γ‚¨γƒŸγƒͺγ‚’ γƒ¦γ‚Ήγƒ†γ‚£γƒΌγƒŠ)Emilia Justina, (The Devil Is A Part-Timer!)
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Heroine Emilia (alternate)
Emi YusaEmi Yusa (遊佐 恡美)
Half human, half angelHalf human, half angel
17 years old (listed as 20 in Japanese records)17 years old (listed as 20 in Japanese records)
Pink (silver when power is active)Pink (silver when power is active)
Green (red when power is active)Green (red when power is active)
Hero, customer service operatorHero, customer service operator
Felicia AngelleYoko Hisaka (ζ—₯η¬  陽子)
Episode 1, "The Devil Arrives in Sasazuka"Episode 1, "The Devil Arrives in Sasazuka"
The Devil Is A Part-Timer!The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Character Description: Emilia Justina,

Born in Sloan Village on the western island of Ente Ista, Emilia Justina lived a happy life with her father, the farmer Nord. Even though the terror of Satan Jacob and his demonic forces was ever present, Emilia was confident that the Church of Ente Ista would protect her and her father. Then one afternoon, priests from the church came to Nord's farm – with the expressed purpose of taking Emilia with them. Nord then explained to his confused daughter that she was the child of an angel – Emilia's mother, and within her was the key to Satan's final defeat. Although she didn't want to go, Emilia listened to her father, and accompanied the priests. A week after that, forces led by the fallen angel Lucifer laid waste to Sloan Village... as well as killing Nord. Bitter and angry of her father's death, Emilia threw herself into her training, until she was finally ready to face Satan's forces.

Emilia's exploits against Satan became legendary within Ente Ista. Along with her allies, the priest Obla Meyer, as well as Albert Ente and Emeralda Etuva, and her sacred sword 'Better Half', she launched into a campaign where she used her skills and her celestial powers to beat back Satan's dark forces and liberated the four outer islands of Ente Ista. She had even gotten revenge for her father's death by seemingly destroying Lucifer in a pitched battle. However, when she finally confronted Satan and his loyal general Alciel at Satan's stronghold on the central island, the two demons created a gateway and escaped through it. Not wishing to let him go so easily, she and Obla flew towards the gate – but only Emilia got through, the portal closing between her and Obla.

However, when she arrived on Earth, Emilia discovered that her powers were diminished to a bare minimum... power she needed if she was going to return to Ente Isla. Needing means to survive in Tokyo, she took-up the identity of Emi Yusa, and got a job as a customer service operator in a department store, as well as getting a comfortable apartment to herself. She made friends with one of the other operators, a former native of Kobe and a survivor of the earthquake there named Rika Suzuki.

For the most part, Emi's life was normal... until three months later, when she finally found Satan and Alciel, who had assumed the human identities of Sadao Maou and Shiro Ashiya respectively. Emi was also further bewildered by the change in attitude in her enemies, who had a more forgiving tone towards humans, despite spying on them looking for the opposite. She even had the bad luck of starting a rivalry with one of Sadao's fellow employees, Chiho Sasaki. But soon, she was forced into an uncomfortable alliance with Sadao when she found that Lucifer – who had assumed the human identity of Hanzo Usushihara – had not only survived, but to Emi's further distress and dismay had aligned himself with Obla Meyer, as a means to getting back into heaven.

Emi's powers are many, even though they are now at such a low ebb she has to conserve them in order to open a gate back to Ente Isla. She can fly, as well as cover Better Half, her sword, in holy flames. She can create barriers to protect herself and others, and even manipulate memory and induce sleep. Lately, her ally Emeralda Etuva used her alchemy skills to create Holy Vitamin Beta, a drink Emi uses to replenish her celestial powers, but can only drink this twice a day, no more.

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