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Character Profile: Demon General Lucifer

USA Info
Japanese Info
Demon General LuciferRushiferu (ルシフェル)Demon General Lucifer (The Devil Is A Part-Timer!)
Hanzo UrushiharaHanzo Urushihara (ζΌ†εŽŸ εŠθ”΅)
· · ·
RecluseHikikomori (γ²γγ“γ‚‚γ‚Š)
Fallen AngelFallen Angel
Appears 18 years oldAppears 18 years old
Hacker, computer gamer, former demon generalHacker, computer gamer, former demon general
Aaron DismukeHiro Shimono (δΈ‹ι‡Ž 紘)
Episode 4, "The Hero Experiences Human Warmth"Episode 4, "The Hero Experiences Human Warmth"
The Devil Is A Part-Timer!The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Character Description: Demon General Lucifer

During Satan Jacob's war on Ente Isla, the fallen angel Lucifer was one of his greatest generals, leading a successful campaign in conquering the western island. However, one of the settlements he had destroyed in the process was Sloan Village, which was the home of Nord Justina, the father of Emilia, the end result killing Nord. It was some years later that Emilia, now the hero of Ente Isla, defeated Lucifer while liberating the western island, supposedly killing him in the process.

However, Lucifer was secretly rescued by Obla Meyer, one of the archbishops of the corrupt Church of Ente Isla and head of its Inquisition, offering the fallen angel the means to return to Heaven in exchange for his help in destroying Emilia, who was presumed dead (a story by the church) and was feared her return might undermine the church. Intrigued, Lucifer accepted and accompanied Meyer after Emilia pursued Satan to the Earth dimension.

However, upon arriving on Earth, Lucifer discovered his powers were now diminished, so he and Meyer hid-out in a deserted classroom in Chiho's school, one that was supposedly haunted. In order to replenish his powers, Lucifer would go out at night and commit brutal muggings of people, using their fear and pain to repower himself. At the same time, he discovered the computer technology of Earth, and quickly became an expert, even becoming accomplished at video games. He would even taunt Emilia, now in the guise of Emi Yusa, when he came across her wallet, which had her work phone number.

When the time was right, he and Meyer sprang their trap against Emi, Satan (Sadao Maou), and Alciel (Shiro Ashiya), a plot which cause serious damage to the surrounding neighborhood. But the plan quickly backfired when the panic and fear caused by the attack temporarily caused Sadao to regain his power, which he also used to recharge Ashiya. As well as Emi using her powers, the three managed to subdue both Meyer and Lucifer. Thankfully, Sadao used the remainder of his powers to both erase the memories of the people around the battlefield and repair the damage.

Meyer was turned-in to the local police, but Lucifer, now known as Hanzo Urushihara, was forced to hide at Sadao and Ashiya's apartment because of the muggings he caused. Because of this, Hanzo doesn't leave the apartment at all, so when Sadao was able to obtain a credit card, he bought Hanzo a laptop computer, as well as paying for internet access, where they hope to make use of Hanzo's hacking skills to find a means to permanently restore their powers. Hanzo, unfortunately, has ALSO discovered the wondrous world of internet shopping, and his careless purchases of video games has caused a significant dent in Sadao and Ashiya's meager finances!

Hanzo still has a portion of the power he possessed on Ente Isla, He's able to project energy bullets, can produce black wings to fly at great speeds, and the feathers from those wings can explode on command. It is not known if Hanzo still has some celestial energy, due to his angelic nature, but he, unlike Emi, has no means to replenish that.

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