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DevilmanDevilman (γƒ‡γƒ“γƒ«γƒžγƒ³)Devilman
Discotek MediaToei Animation
Go Nagai
Masayuki Akechi, Tomoharu Katsumata
Action, HorrorAction, Horror
Devilman: CrybabyDevilman: Crybaby
Akira Fudo βŠ• Akira Fudo βŠ•
· · ·
Devilman βŠ• Devilman βŠ•
· · ·
Iwao Himura βŠ• Iwao Himura βŠ•
· · ·
Lala βŠ• Lala βŠ•
· · ·
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Characters: Devilman

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akira Fudo βŠ• Akira Fudo βŠ• Lord Xennon βŠ• Lord Xennon βŠ•
Devilman βŠ• Devilman βŠ• Miki Makimura βŠ• Miki Makimura βŠ•
Iwao Himura βŠ• Iwao Himura βŠ• Miki Makimura βŠ• Miki Makimura βŠ•
Lala βŠ• Lala βŠ• Tare Makimura βŠ• --?--

Description: Devilman

Akira Fudo was once an ordinary teen, however he was killed climbing the Himalayas with his father. However, the demon Devilman possess Akira and gets a mission: to cause death and destruction on Earth. But when Devilman moves in with the Makimura family, Devilman falls for the tough no-nonsense Miki and is distracted from his mission. The evil Lord Xennon sends a bunch of demons each episode to kill Miki to make him remember his mission. Devilman betrays his own tribe and fights only to protect Miki. The ending of the manga is quite different from the anime, as Miki and Tare are torn limb by limb by an angry mob and Miki's head is put on a stake. Devilman arrives a bit too late and murders the angry mob offscreen in revenge and sheds the last of Akira's humanity, weeping while clutched her severed head.

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