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D.Gray-ManD.Gray-Man (γƒ‡γ‚£γƒΌγƒ»γ‚°γƒ¬γ‚€γƒžγƒ³)D.Gray-Man
· · ·
DΔ« Gureiman (romanization)
102 TV episodes102 TV episodes
Oct 3, 2006
TMS Entertainment
Hoshino Katsura
Nabeshima Osamu
Action, Comedy, Paranormal, Sci-FiAction, Comedy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi
Allen WalkerAllen Walker
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Lenalee LeeLenalee Lee
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but the manga could be found at Amazon.

Characters: D.Gray-Man

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Allen Walker Allen Walker Lou Fa Rohfa
Bookman Bookman
The Noah Clan
The Noah Clan
Lavi Lavi Jasdebi (Jasdero and Debitto) Jasdebi (Jasdero and Debitto)
Lenalee Lee Lenalee Lee Road Kamelot Road Kamelot
Miranda Lotto Miranda Lotto Lero (an umbrella of the Millenium Earl) βŠ• Lero (an umbrella of the Millenium Earl) βŠ•
Noise Marie Noizu Mari Lulubell βŠ• Lulubell βŠ•
Timcanpy Timcanpy Skinn Bolic βŠ• Skinn Bolic βŠ•
Yu Kanda Yu Kanda Tyki Mikk Tyki Mikk
65 βŠ• 65 βŠ•
The Order
The Order
Akuma βŠ• Akuma βŠ• Arystar Krory Arystar Krory
Alestina Drow Joanason P. Robathan Gia Amadeus V βŠ• Alestina Drow Joanason P. Robathan Gia Amadeus V βŠ• Buzz βŠ• Buzz βŠ•
Anita βŠ• Anita βŠ• Chakra Rabon βŠ• Chakra Rabon βŠ•
Elda βŠ• Elda βŠ• Daisya Bary βŠ• Daisya Bary βŠ•
Eliade Eliade Jake Russel βŠ• Jake Russel βŠ•
General Cross Cross Marian Kazana Reed βŠ• Kazana Reed βŠ•
Hevlaska βŠ• Hebraska βŠ• Komurin I βŠ• Komurin I βŠ•
Jeryy βŠ• Jeryy βŠ• Komurin II βŠ• Komurin II βŠ•
Johnny βŠ• Johnny βŠ• Komurin III βŠ• Komurin III βŠ•
Komui Lee βŠ• Komui Lee βŠ• Komurin IV βŠ• Komurin IV βŠ•
Mahoja βŠ• Mahoja βŠ• Komurin IV mini βŠ• Komurin IV mini βŠ•
Mana βŠ• Mana βŠ• Suman Dark βŠ• Suman Dark βŠ•
Mei Ling βŠ• Mei Ling βŠ• Tapp Dopp βŠ• Tapp Dopp βŠ•
Miena βŠ• Miena βŠ•
Mimi βŠ• Mimi βŠ• Froi Tiedoll βŠ• General Tiedoll βŠ•
Narein βŠ• Narein βŠ• Kevin Yeegar βŠ• General Yeegar βŠ•
Reever Wenhamm βŠ• Reever Wenhamm βŠ• Klaud Nine βŠ• Klaud Nine βŠ•
The Millennium Earl βŠ• The Millennium Earl βŠ• Winters Sokalo βŠ• Winters Sokalo βŠ•
Toma βŠ• Toma βŠ• Marian Cross βŠ• Marian Cross βŠ•
Wireless Golem βŠ• Wireless Golem βŠ•

Description: D.Gray-Man

Allen Walker was abandoned when he was a baby because of a strange deformity on his left arm. A man named Mana adopted him and raised him as his own child, until one day he was killed. When Allen was crying at his father's grave, the Millennium Earl comes up and asks if he would like his father back. Allen agrees, and turns Mana into an Akuma (a machine created to destroy humans).

D.Gray-Man Just as this happened, Mana asks Allen angrily "Why did you turn me into an Akuma!" The Millennium Earl orders Mana to kill Allen and live in his skin. Mana curses Allen's left eye, and Allen destroys Mana with his left arm. General Cross, an Exorcist from an organization from the Black Order, takes Allen to train as an exorcist.

Three years later Allen completes his training with Cross and is told to become an exorcist with the Black Order, but afterwards... Allen finds himself passed out on the floor and Cross gone. When he arrives at the Black order, he meets the supervisor, Komui Lee, who is a scientist for the order. Later, as time goes by, he meets more exorcists, like Komui's sister, Lenalee Lee, Lavi, and Kanda.

But The Millennium Earl has something worse up his sleeve....

Editor’s Note:

I have had one person tell me that Mana died from and illness, and another person state that Mana died from getting hit by a carriage. In episode 7, we see Mana lying on the ground near a destroyed carriage, so I think it's safe to assume that he was hit by the carriage. Plus, in the manga, we learn that Mana Walker was murdered by the Millennium Earl.

D.Gray-Man D.Gray-Man

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