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BookmanBookman (γƒ–γƒƒγ‚―γƒžγƒ³)Bookman (D.Gray-man)
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Bukkuman (romanization)
Old PandaPanda-ji
88 years old88 years old
4'20"173 cm
17.3 lbs7.8 kg
Type AType A
Excorcist; BookmanExcorcist; Bookman
"You may call me Bookman""Bukkuman-desu..."
Aono Takeshi

Character Description: Bookman

Bookman is Lavi's long-suffering superior and mentor, an old man who's role is to record the hidden history of the war with the Earl.

He comes from the Bookman Clan, which is dedicated record the events which transpire during the war with the Millennium Earl. He never speaks his real name, simply introducing himself as "Bookman" to anyone he meets, most notably Allen Walker.

He is rather short, only coming up to most characters' waists, with a patch of hair on his head that stands up to make the shape of a question mark, which he apparently treasures more than his own life, and dark black circles around his eyes, which often makes him the butt of jokes from his apprentice, Lavi, who refers to him as "old panda".

According to Bookman, the 'Bookman' title refers to one who is entrusted by the Vatican to stay within the shadows and observe the war from a distance in order to record history. As such, Bookman maintains a notably detached personality in regards to other people (aside from Lavi), and avoids forming bonds with those around him if he can help it. He has assisted the Black Order on multiple occasions, providing both information and battle support, but other than this he avoids directly interfering with transpiring events if he can help it.

He periodically lectures Lavi on the importance of maintaining a detached mindset in regards to the war, fearing his apprentice has become too friendly with the Exorcists, (Allen, Lenalee, Krory and Kanda in particular) and is becoming more of a fighter than an observer, at one point directly reminding Lavi that he is a Bookman and not a true Exorcist.

Ironically, despite his determination to uphold the Bookman motto, Bookman cares for Lavi and others, putting himself on the front lines in most battles for their sake, in direct contrast to his Bookman beliefs.

Bookman and Lavi appear shortly after the events surrounding the Rewinding Town in which Allen and Lenalee first encounter Road Kamelot of the Noah Clan and Miranda Lotto. Bookman takes a keen interest in Allen, referring to him as "The Destroyer of Time", echoing Hevlaska's prophecy.

Bookman's Innocence is called Heaven's Compass; a set of acupuncture needles he can use to strike opponents or pin them in place for interrogation. Bookman is also well versed in acupuncture healing techniques, which he used to heal Allen and Lenalee's wounds after their encounter with Road.

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