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Character Profile: Jasdebi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Jasdebi Jasdebi(ジャスデビ) Jasdebi (D. Gray-man)
Noah of Bonds Noah of Bonds
· · ·
Jasdero Jasdero
· · ·
Debitto Debitto
· · ·
Debit Devit
· · ·
David David
Descendants of Noah Descendants of Noah
Male Male
Black(Debitto) Black(Debitto)
· · ·
Blonde(Jasder) Blonde(Jasder)
Golden Golden
Noah Clan Members Noah Clan Members
  Mitsuki Saiga(as Debbito)
· · ·
  Showtaro Morikubo(as Jasdero)
D. Gray-man D. Gray-man

Character Description: Jasdebi

Jasdebi, also spelled Jasdevi was once one Noah. However, somehow, they split and became two Noah members. Known as the Noah of bonds, they work together to get in their family's hair. They tend to cause trouble and reek havoc among the clan, starting fights and maing Relo scream for dear mercy.

Debitto (David, Devit) is the eldest of the Noah twins. He has Dark black hair and has thick black makeup on his left eye in the shape of a scar. Jasdero is the more innocent of the two. He has blonde hair and wears his heavy makeup in the shape of 3 long lashes on his bottom lid. Jasdero's most recognizable feature is his mouth, it has been stitched closed, yet he is able to talk and eat like a normal person.

The twins carry around 2 golden guns. The guns have special bullets, and in episode 83, we can see them demonstrating their ice bullets on Allen Walker at the end of his long, high stakes, trek. These two pistols are usually seen pointed at the other twins head

The twins have a strange goth-esc style to them, barring their tight, black, leather pants, white fur accents, and tie up pants and boots. They have a unique air to them and are usually dubbed as 'Double Trouble' by fans.

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