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Character Profile: Lou Fa

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lou Fa Rohfa(蝋花)(ロウファ) Lou Fa (D.Gray-man)
· · ·
Lo Fwa(alternate spelling) Roufa(alternate spelling)
Human Human
Female Female
18 years old(born March 20) 18 years old(born March 20)
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
5'2" 157 cm
88.2 lbs 40 kg
Dark Order Scientist Dark Order Scientist
Mr. Walker!! Walker-san!!
  Maaya Sakamoto
Episode 58 Episode 58
D.Gray-man D.Gray-man

Character Description: Lou Fa

Lou Fa is a short, cheerful and intelligent girl who works in the science department in the Asian Branch of the Dark Order. The first time we see her is when she meets Allen Walker, at which time, she instantly falls head over heels in love. Although she is normally quite outgoing and outspoken about her beliefs (as proven when she openly speaks out against the 3rd exorcist experiments), she is very quiet, shy, and easily embarrassed around Allen. Upon meeting her, General Cross Marian asked if she was Allen's "woman", which they both flatly denied, although Lou Fa seemed disappointed to say so. It was she who realized that the deck of cards that Allen always carried around was missing the ace of spades, and made a new one for him. Ironically, the deck of cards that she felt might be important to him is directly connected to Tyki Mikk, the Noah that nearly killed Allen, and destroyed his Innocence, forcing him to go to the Asian Branch in the first place. It is likely that she can be found somewhere either working, fantasizing about Allen, or both. Her dream is to go to Main HQ, although her reasons for wanting that have changed slightly, since she found out that Allen lives at Main HQ.

Lou Fa is short, has dark brown hair that she wears in two braids that stick out to either side, and brown eyes, and has large, round spectacles. Aside from the normal lab coat that all of the scientists wear, she wears a white blouse and tie under a vest, and a skirt with knee length black socks and dress shoes.

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