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Road KamelotRoad Kamelot(ロード・キャメロット)Road Kamelot (D.Gray-man)
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Rhode Camelot (alternate spelling)Rōdo Kyamerotto (romanization)
Noah's Dream
Shimizu Ai

Character Description: Road Kamelot

Road Kamelot is the first of the Noah Clan to appear in the story. She appears to be a girl in her early teens with a penchant for 'lolita' fashion. Despite her appearance, she is considered the oldest of the Noah, a fact that is supported by her being present when the Earl went to recruit Skin Boric, looking the same as she does now.

While Road often acts as a normal teenager, eating sweets, doing homework and so on, she is nonetheless a dangerous opponent with a sadistic streak that proves unnerving, particularly when she stabbed Allen in his left eye with a candle, before laughing like a child.

Road represents the "Dreams" of Noah, and possesses ability to traverse between dimensions without having to rely on Noah's Ark like the other Noah and the Earl, as well as advanced regeneration (purposely stabbed herself with Allen's arm & allowing herself to be caught in the destruction of the Ark), telekinesis (levitating sharpened candles, etc.) and telepathy. Also, because she is considered the 'oldest of the Noah', Road is the only person capable of programming Noah's Ark.

Her abilities allow her to project dreams upon her opponents, trapping them in their own thoughts and fears and preying on their minds without directly engaging them in combat. Road was the one that broke General Kevin Yeegar's mind, leaving him singing her ominous lullaby until he passed away. She also manipulated Lavi's mind in this manner, altering his personality and forcing him to fight against Allen on Noah's Ark, though Lavi eventually defeated her and escaped the dream world with his mind intact.

Road Kamelot (D.Gray-man) Road has professed a hatred for humans early in the series, but has admitted to have grown fond of Allen, actually going so far as to cheerfully hug him when they are reunited on Noah's Ark, before kissing him on the mouth, much to everyone's shock (Allen was so dazed he had to be shaken back to consciousness).

In spite of her cruel and sadistic demeanor, Road is fiercely loyal to her loved ones, particularly her 'familly', and Allen to some degree, though she had no qualms with 'eliminating' him when he nearly exorcised Tyki's Noah.


Recent chapters have revealed that Road is the adopted daughter of Cyril Kamelot, and thus the niece of Tyki Mikk, which would explain why she's so open and familiar with him. Around her father and servants, she acts like a normal girl, and seems to enjoy making Cyril suffer nosebleeds with her cuteness.

A recurring gag in the show is that Road repeatedly steals Lero, the Earls talking umbrella, from the Earl against it's will.

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