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DevimonDevimonDevimon (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
Fallen Angel DigimonFallen Angel Digimon
1300 years1300 years
Blood redBlood red
"Now you've sealed your fate"
Tom WynerKaneto Shiozawa
Digimon: Digital MonstersDigimon Adventure

Character Description: Devimon

First impressions are always important on a person's POV, and so is one's first life long enemy. Devimon was the very first dark, evil hearted threat the Digidestined had to face. With a scrawny form encased in black leather, sporting satanic horns, and having a nam with devil in it, one can only imagine what horrors Devimon can unleash. The dark demon lord first appeared whilst Leomon and Ogremon were battling it out.

Devimon's touch of evil easily manpiulated Leomon into working for him where as Ogremon came willingly. Devimon knew the children were in fact the Digidestined in which legend stated had come to destroy him. So Devimon split the children apart on severed chunks of File island, then using his black gear Digimon to destroy the kids. The black gears were unique control devices that Devimon himself created. The gears bore themselves inside Digimon and turn them evil until the gear is blasted from the Digimon's body.

Unlike most Digimon villains who simply relied on physical power, or special attacks, Devimon was a brilliant strategist and planner.

From a personality POV, Devimon is by no means an idiot. he's a brillaint, wise, cunning old devil who takes no chances and refuses to play mindless games with enemies as powerful as he is. Devimon knew the children would come to destroy him, so he wasted no time in trying to mentally and physically break them apart.

After Ogremon failed and Leomon was cured of his evil spell, Devimon took matters into his own claws as he became a giant Devimon. The Digidestined were overwhelmed by his massive power and physical size, and even all at once their attacks proved ineffective against Devimon. However he was most concerned with killing TK. Legend has it that the smallest would destroy him, so Devimon went for TK immediately, but Pattamon jumped in the way. Fear of losing TK caused Pattamon to Digivolve into Angemon.

Now fully powered and fully evolved, Angemon vaporized Devimon with a suicide point blank "hand of fate" blast. Just as Devimon was dying he warned Angemon that the fight wasn't over. That there were far more powerful Digimon just like him that still existed. The last we see of Devimon, he's seen arriving from the portal to Digi-Hell that Ken opened when searching for the final Digimon parts for Kimeramon. Devimon's wings and arms were the final piece.

But as Devimon warned the Digimon emperor, he had know idea just how truly dangerous the forces of darkness are. As Ken was about to find out. And that ends the tale of the dreaded devil Devimon.

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