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Anime Profile: Digimon: Digital Monsters

USA Info
Japanese Info
Digimon: Digital Monsters (season 4)Digimon: Frontier (season 4)Digimon: Digital Monsters
50 TV episodes
Sept 9, 2002–July 14, 2003April 7, 2002–March 30, 2003
Disney/Sensation AnimationToei Animation/Fuji TV
Akiyoshi Hongo
Yukio Kaizawa
Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-FiFantasy, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Digimon: Digital Monsters (seasons 1-3)Digimon: Digital Monsters (seasons 1-3)
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Digimon: DATA Squad (season 5)Digimon Savers (season 5)
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Digimon: The MovieDigimon (Movies 1-3)
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Digimon: X-Evolution (movie 8)Digimon: X-Evolution (movie 8)
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Digimon Fusion (season 6)Digimon Xros Wars (season 6)
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Digimon Adventure tri.Digimon Adventure tri.
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Characters: Digimon: Digital Monsters

Description: Digimon: Digital Monsters

Long ago in the Digital World, a crisis occurred that almost destroyed it. However, a group of ten Digimon, called the Ten Ancient Warriors, sacrificed themselves to stop the crisis. What followed was a golden-age in the digital world, governed by the three Celestial Digimon. However, this did not last forever, as Cherubimon, one of the three Celestial Digimon, shattered the peace and declared war. There was hope, though, as the spirits of the Ten Ancient Warriors were to be reincarnated as the Ten Legendary Warriors as their world became endangered once more.

On another world, five kids (Takuya Kanabara, Koji Minamoto, JP Shibayama, Zoe Orimoto, Tommy Himi, and Koichi Kimura) each receive an SMS message on their mobile phones telling them to be at the train station where they live at a precise time. When they arrive in the Digital World, they find out that they are the Digi-Destined, along with five others. They all have a corresponding Digimon, who they can Digivolve into. They are helped along the way by two Truedigimon, Bokomon, and Neemon.

The kids' cell phones change into their Digivises, which is their main unit for changing into the Ten Legendary Warriors.

Audio Files: Digimon: Digital Monsters

  • Digimon Digital Monsters - U.S. Opening by Saban Entertainment (234 KB)
  • Butterfly - Digimon Adventure (Season 1) Japanese Opening by Kouji Wada (3.97 MB)
  • Target ~Akai Shougeki~ ("Target ~Red Shock~") - Digimon Adventure 02 (Season 2) Japanese Opening by Kouji Wada (4.11 MB)
  • The Biggest Dreamer - Digimon Tamers (Season 3) Japanese Opening by Kouji (3.53 MB)
  • Fire - Digmon Frontier (Season 4) Japanese Opening by Kouji Wada (3.83 MB)

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