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Character Profile: Izzy Izumi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Izzy Izumi Koushiro Izumi Izzy Izumi
Human Human
Male Male
10 years(season 1); 14 years(season 2) 10 years(season 1); 13 years(season 2)
Red Red
Brown/black Brown/black
About 4'6"(season 1), About 4'10"(season 2) About 137 cm(season 1), About 147 cm(season 2)
Computer expert(season 1) Computer expert(season 1)
Mona Marshal Umi Tenjin
Digimon: Digital Monsters Digimon: Digital Monsters
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Digimon: The Movie Digimon (Movies 1-3)

Character Description: Izzy Izumi

Izzy is the brains of the first digi-destined team. Actually, he spends so much time trying to figure things out that he doesn't actually pay attention to what goes on beyond the world of his keyboard. Izzy is the one that speaks to Gennai about the digimon, and is the only one that understands just about everything in the digital world. His assumptions do confuse a few members of the digi-destined, though. Let's remember that part when he talks about not being in the digital world for real, and Tai thinks that it means he's invincible.

Izzy's partner, Tentomon, tries to make him a part of what's going on. Tentomon, being the one that's more social, always wants Izzy to stop typing and to get into the action that the other digi-destined are pursuing. Izzy was the fourth (along with Matt) of the D-01 (digi-destined team 01) to find a crest, his being the Crest of Knowledge. Also, Izzy was the one who thought that the digital world was inhabited by alien species. Of course, he was wrong.

Tai once hit Izzy, but Izzy, being the polite genius, told Tai that hitting back wouldn't justify anything. And it's true! He also hears his 'parents' talking about whether or not they should tell Izzy that he's adopted or not. Izzy's mother and father died in a car crash when he was a wee little boy and so his dad's distant cousin helped take care of Izzy. And what a fine job they did. Izzy is a very polite young man and uses his brain to it's full potential!

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