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Jeri KatouJuri KatouJeri Katou (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
12 years old10 years old
Briggette HoffmanYoko Asada
Digimon: Digital Monsters (season 3)Digimon Tamers

Character Description: Jeri Katou

Jeri Katou is fellow classmate of Takato, who has a crush on her. A sensitive and caring girl, Jeri has more than her own share of problems, but almost always has a perpetually happy demeanor. When Jeri was young, her mother died, and her father (Tadashi Katou} subsequently re-married to a woman named Shizue. Jeri shut out her stepmother, feeling that she wanted to replace her birth mother... but developed a good relationship with her stepbrother, Masahiko. An amateur ventriloquist, Jeri is rarely seen without her little dog puppet, which she uses to entertain Masahiko. Her father and stepmother run a bar and restaurant, which the family lives above... Jeri often works there, serving drinks.

She was one of few non-Tamer kids to know about the Digimon and wanted to be a Tamer herself, and finally found one in Leomon. She joined Takato and company into the DigitalWorld, but during the final battle with Beelzemon, Leomon attempted to restrain the villain and died as a result. Despite Leomon's final words for Jeri to be strong without him, she broke down blaming herself for his death... convincing herself she was unworthy as Tamer and a human being.

In this depression, Jeri was easily abducted by the D-Reaper, which was attracted to the girl's thoughts on suffering and sealed her in its Kernel Sphere to use her in order to learn more about humans, which it deems too advance to exist. It creates an aspect of itself in her image (Jeri-Type Agent), and no one seemed to be the wiser. By the time Takato learned the truth and tried to save her, the D-Reaper mass evolves into Mother D-Reaper. Jeri, believing it was all her, tried to strangle herself with her puppet, but Calumon stop her.

Jeri finally came to her senses, now understanding the meaning of what Leomon had said... everyone has a destiny that is important to the whole world. But it was too little, too late; the D-Reaper had already made its analysis of humankind from Jeri's sadness, and now not only no longer needed Jeri, but also has now deduced that humanity is 'too-evil' to live and deserves annihilation. Fortunately, Jeri was saved by Takato as Operation DoodleBug was a success and D-Reaper is reverted to it's original harmless form.

As it all ended, before the Digimon leave, Jeri gave Impmon her forgiveness he wanted. As the Digimon departed, Jeri called out her goodbye to Calumon, thanking him for all he had done for her. Jeri soon returned to her cheery self. Calumon apparently lives with Jeri.

Note: In the original version of season three, Takato, Rika, Henry, Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta are 10 years old. The Fox Kids website for the US version, however, had them at 13 (except Jeri, who they listed as 12) – but in "The Journey Begins," Yamaki's computer lists Takato as being 12. This is in-show and therefore should be taken over the website, so the age is spread to apply to all those who should share it.

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