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Koji MinamotoKouji MinamotoKoji Minamoto (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
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11 years old11 years old
Dark blueDark blue
5'0"152 cm
97 lbs.44 kg
Type BType B
Warrior of LightWarrior of Light
"And you and I are the only ones who can do it."
Steve StaleyHiroshi Kamiya
Digimon: Digital Monsters (season 4)Digimon: Digital Frontier

Character Description: Koji Minamoto

Koji is a loner and wants to make friends. Because of his dad, he has had to change schools a few times, a result of which he finds it difficult to make friends. But, if any of his friends are in danger, he will rush in feet first and put himself in danger. Koji's mother was supposed to have died, but his father actually left his mom and remarried. Koji never really accepted his new mom. He obtained a SMS message while buying flowers for his step mom. It was like the others, but he was told that he would learn the truth. Upon arriving on Angler and during a fight with Raremon, Koji was chosen as the Legendary Warrior of Light.

At first he traveled alone, showing up to help the others as he saw fit. But after their first confrontation with Grumblemon, and the Toy Town incident, Koji joined the group. But, he and Takuya do argue sometimes. Koji was able to "Spirit Evolve" to either Lobomon (Human) or Kendo-Garurumon (Beast).

When he saved Agunimon to take the hit from Duskmon's blade, Koji's face somehow affected Duskmon. Later, Duskmon was bent to know why Koji made him feel that way. The battle between them lead to Seraphimon's power giving Koji the power to unite his Spirits and "Double Spirit Evolve" to Beowulfmon, and that Duskmon is actually Koji's older twin brother, Koichi (the 'truth' mentioned in his message). After scanning the Spirit of Darkness, Koji saw it that he needs to protect Koichi, even after his brother regained his Spirits.

Like Takuya, Ophanimon upgraded Koji's D-Tector so he can "Hyper Spirit Evolve" to Magna-Garurumon by combining the Spirits of Light with the Spirits of Darkness, Thunder, Steel, and Water. But he and Takuya took it up a notch when Koichi's sacrifice allowed them to combined ALL Spirits to form Susanoomon during the Lucemon battle.

When he was returned to the real world, Koji and the others went to the hospital where Koichi is unconscious in a hospital bed, a result of his sacrifice. Koji's tears and the D-Tectors revived Koichi. Koji gives the flowers to his stepmother, who is thrilled, and meets his real mom in the park, supported by Koichi.

Character Description: Koji Minamoto

Koji lived with his dad, whom had told him that his mother had died. He went to go pick up flowers for his step-mom when he got the text message about determining his future. He told the flower lady he would be back and went to the train station.

While wandering around the Digital World, the gang (consisting of Takuya, Zoe, Koji, Tommy, J.P., Bokomon and Neemon) ran into Duskmon. He worked for Cherubimon, who wanted to rule the Digital World. Nobody knew that Duskmon was actually Kouichi, Koji's twin brother, who was upset with his father for choosing Koji when their parents divorced. When Cherubimon met Kouichi he was confused and so Cherubimon gave Kouichi the corrupted spirits of darkness. Finally, after many battles with him, Duskmon was defeated and changed back to Kouichi.

At the end Kouichi gave up his spirits to Koji, when he was defeated by Lucemon and got his data scanned. Takuya became so mad at Lucemon for scanning Kouichi that flames appeared around him and then encircled Koji too. They used all the spirits and digivolved to Susanoomon.

When they got back to the real world Koji realized that Kouichi was just a spirit while he was in the Digital World. He ran to where Kouichi had fallen and he was gone. They burst into the hospital and found that Kouichi had died. Koji began to cry and Kouichi came back to life. Then, he finally got to meet his mother and take his step-mom flowers.

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