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Character Profile: Lopmon

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lopmon Lopmon Lopmon (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
Beast Digimon Beast Digimon
Female Male
(child) (child)
Brown with Purple bands(fur) Brown with Purple bands(fur)
Black Black
Former Deva Former Deva
Michelle Ruff  
Digimon: Digital Monsters (season 3) Digimon Tamers

Character Description: Lopmon

Lopmon was originally the Deva Antylamon, whose purpose is to protect the South Gate that leds to Zuqiaomon's Red Castle. When Suzie was pulled into the Digital World, she met and pleaded with him to help her find Terriermon. Over time, Antylamon enjoyed it, but knew he had to get back to job. But when Makuramon attempted capture Suzie (in an attempt to gain brownie points with Zhuqiaomon), Antylamon came to her aid, driving Makuramon away. When Takato and his group appeared, D-Ark appeared for Suzie, shocking Henry with the revelation that Suzie gain a Deva as her Digimon partner. But Zhuqiaomon was just as annoyed and punished Antylamon for his treachery by reverting him to his rookie form, Lopmon, who in a way is like a twin-brother to Terriermon.

As Terriermon is cocky and hot-headed, Lopmon is cautious and cool-headed. He talks with antiquated dialect which, when they returned to the Human World, Suzie tried to teach him to talk more like her.

Lopmon is able to glide using his ears, shoots ice from his mouth, and spins around like a tonrado. He and Terriermon can double-team their tornado attacks for a stronger attack. Lopmon was also able to Matrix-Digivolve to Antylamon to help in the fight against D-Reaper. But when the D-Reaper was defeated, Lopmon reverted to his trainee form of Kokomon and had to return to the DigitalWorld.

Apparently, Cherubimon was reborn as Lopmon in the fourth season.

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