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MachinedramonMugendramonMachinedramon (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
Machine DigimonMachine Digimon
Dark Master/DeceasedDark Master/Deceased
"I'll try to make this as painful as I can."
David Guerrie
Digimon: Digital MonstersDigimon Adventure

Character Description: Machinedramon

War is hell, and Machinedramon knows all about both because he gives them to you with plenty of death and destruction to boot. The third Dark Master to attack the Digidestined, Machinedramon controls the city and is considered the most powerful and dangerous Dark Master, other then Piedmon of course. As a massive machine mutant, Machinedramon controls all movements and activities of his machine Digimon minions. Using computers to track his enemies as well.

When Izzy and Tai entered his city in search of medicine for a sickly Kari, Machinedramon tracked them each time Izzy used his computer to plug into the network. Machinedramon sent endless armies of Tankmon, Mekanorimon, and other mechanical monsters to hunt down and destroy the children. Machinedramon by nature acts like a cold hearted machine, caring not for theatrics, boasting, or play time. He does his work hard and he does is fast, no kidding around at all.

Being built for total destruction made it easy for Machinedramon to nuke half the city and bury the Digidestined underground. It was there he found out WarMonzeamon had been ejected as the slave master to the Numemon by Kari. After killing WarMonzeamon as punishment, he found Tai and Izzy with Andromon, a robot Digimon who was building a resistance force to stop Machinedramon. The Dark Master cornered the kids and made short work of Andromon and the kids' Digimon. It was then Kari's feet worshipping Numemon came.

The slug Digimon tried to stop Machinedramon, but were wiped out easily. Tai had Agumon zip speed into WarGreymon long enough for a quick samurai style slice. That slice eventually turned Machinedramon into steel onion peelings, thus destroying Machinedramon and evaporating his city.

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