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Character Profile: Matt Ishida

USA Info
Japanese Info
Matt Ishida Yamato Ishida Matt Ishida (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
Human Human
Male Male
6 years old(movie 1); 11 years(season 1); 15 years(season 2) 11 years(season 1); 14 years(season 2)
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
About 5'2"(season 1), About 5'4"(season 2) About 157 cm(season 1), About 163 cm(season 2)
Digidestined and owner of Gabumon Digidestined and owner of Gabumon
"I'm da man."  
Micheal Reiss Kazama Yuuto
Digimon: Digital Monsters Digimon: Digital Monsters
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Digimon: The Movie Digimon (Movies 1-3)

Character Description: Matt Ishida

Matt became a DigiDestined as a result of witnessing the fight between a Greymon and Parrotmon. This boy is a bit of a lone wolf and had a problem with authority. Matt tries to act like he doesn't care about anything, like he's just too cool, but he really cares a lot. He's just too afraid to admit it.

He cares a lot about his little brother TK. Actually, he's a bit over protective, which doesn't make TK happy. The fact that Tai acts nice to TK was one of the reasons why Matt had issues with Tai. Another reason was he also has a problem letting people get too close to him ever since his parents divorced when he was 8. He then lived with his dad (Hiroaki Ishida), who works in the Tokyo TV station. When he left, Matt eventually got in touch with his true self thanks to Gabumon and could finally rejoin the gang when they were fighting Piedmon. Since then, Matt and Tai had been best pals....

Three years later, Matt attended Odaiba Jr. High, and was leader of his own rock band, the Teenage Wolves. Between gigs, he helps the new kids whenever they ask for his advice, as well as lending Gabumon's impressive firepower when worst comes to worst. Twenty years after MaloMyotismon was defeated, Matt became an astronaut and married Sora.

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