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T.K. TakaishiTakeru TakaishiT.K. Takaishi (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
8 years (season 1), 12 years (season 2)8 years (season 1), 11 years (season 2)
Matt's younger brotherYamato's younger brother
"I guess I'm the oldest here!"
Wendee Lee (season 1)Hiroko Konishi (Digimon Adventure)
· · ·
Doug Erholtz (season 2)Taisuke Yamamoto (Digimon Adventure 02)
Digimon: Digital MonstersDigimon: Digital Monsters
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Digimon: The MovieDigimon (Movies 1-3)

Character Description: T.K. Takaishi

Little T.K. may be small, but don't underestimate his courage or his Patamon. He's in the 2nd grade and hates to be alone, that's why he usually travels with a friend. He's a great kid who can certainly make his way along the adventures by himself, well with Patamon as the exception. He doesn't enjoy being treated like the little kid that he is so he gets hot under the collar when Matt goes too far.

T.K. loves his brother as much as Matt loves him back, but the Digidestined T.K. looks up to the most would be Tai. Even though his role model Digidestined is Tai, old reliable Joe has saved T.K. the most out of the series.

T.K. was too young to remember his parents divorce clearly so he's not as effected by it as much as Matt. He's glad when he gets to see his dad and doesn't mind living with his mom.

Patamon is a swell Digimon that tries his best to handle the immature T.K. He only Digivolves to Angemon when it's absolutely 'cause Angemon takes up a lot of energy in the little guy. Usually when it's time to Digivolve down, Angemon is the first to do so.

The second season takes place four years after the first, T.K. sure sprouted up fast in that time. He's not little and cute anymore, but just like his brother, the girls go crazy for him, and he should have a bit more knowledge to use on the adventures. Out of the season 2 Digidestined, T.K. will have a slight advantage because he has the most Digimon experience.

T.K. transferred to Kari and Davis' school. He arrived in their class, and immediately became Davis' rival. He's really good friends with Kari, which causes fights between him and Davis because Davis has a crush on Kari and can't stand their friendship. It's kind of like the fights with Tai and Matt, except now it's Matt's brother and the guy who has a huge ressemblence to Tai. He also became a star member of the basketball team now that he's so tall.

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