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Character Profile: Yukio Oikawa

USA Info
Japanese Info
Yukio Oikawa Yukio Oikawa Yukio Oikawa (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
Human Human
Male Male
40's 40's
Black Black
  Yoshiyuki Morikawa
Digimon: Digital Monsters Digimon: Digital Monsters

Character Description: Yukio Oikawa

Yukio Oikawa is the man responsible for creating Arukenimon, Mummymon, and all the arsenal Ken used as the Digimon Emperor. Oikawa revealed himself when he had abducted Ken to copy the DarkSpore in his neck into other children his creations "invited". At first, no one was aware of his true plan, which was going to the Digital World. But his reasons are not out of taking over, but to just BE there. It was a dream he shared with his childhood-friend Hiroki Hida, Cody's father. Working for Ken's dad, Oikawa started researching the events at Hikarigota (where the events of Movie-1 took place).

But when Hiroki died, Oikawa was not taking it well. But his life changed when visiting Hiroki's grave on the evening of August 3rd 1999. He saw the DigiDestined entering the DigialWorld. Seeing that it is possible to travel there, Oikawa's desperate hopes were manipulated by what remained of Myotismon, who entered Oikawa's body and subconsciously gave him the means to go there. But once all DarkSpore children were assembled and taken to "Dream World", Myotismon revealed himself and ditched his host, who collapsed from being leeched for so long.

After MaloMyotismon was destroyed, Cody went back for Oikawa to help him achieve his dream, but Gennai admits sadly that Oikawa lost too much energy to Myotismon to survive outside the Dream World. So Oikawa used the power of the Dream World to use the last of his lifeforce to restore the DigitalWorld, becoming a part of it. In a way, Oikawa fulfilled his dream, protecting the Digital World for all time.

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