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Anime Profile: Dirty Pair: Project Eden

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dirty Pair: Project EdenDaatei Pea (γƒ€γƒΌγƒ†γ‚£γƒšγ‚’) ("Dirty Pair")Dirty Pair: Project Eden
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Characters: Dirty Pair: Project Eden

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Chief Gooley Chief Gooley Carson D. Carson βŠ• Carson D. Carson βŠ•
Kei Kei Chief Manager βŠ• Chief Manager βŠ•
Yuri Yuri Professor Watsman βŠ• Professor Watsman βŠ•

Description: Dirty Pair: Project Eden

Project Eden is one of the feature length adventures that our heroines embark on during their distinguished career, and out of the all the Dirty Pair anime I have seen to date, is probably my favorite. This story shows an older and more mature Kei and Yuri, far more experienced than in the Flash episodes, and now most inseparable from each other. This adventure shows the "original" Kei and Yuri in both their faults and finest moments. (You cannot help respect the friendship that these two now have for each other, let alone their now deadly skills.) It also shows how hard they work to earn their "Dirty Pair reputation. This is the "real" nitty gritty Dirty Pair, no pretense here. When these ladies want something, they show they can be very persuasive

Our story starts with Kei laying a trap for several Vizorium smugglers, to which Yuri is providing the backup. Of course the smugglers can't just give up, no sir! Therefore Kei and a slightly late Yuri end up in a small fire fight. Throw in a medium sized bomb and hey presto, a little collateral damage- whoops.

Meanwhile, on the planet of Agerna, one of the planet's two major refinery factions is the subject of a vicious attack, and is taking some heavy damage. Since these refinery's process Vizorium, you can guess who is sent to assist.

After Kei and Yuri's arrival, they are shown the damage and then briefed on the local political situation. While Yuri takes in all the mission details, Kei tends to let her attention drift. Next it should be time to do some investigations at the sight of the previous attack. However, Yuri upsets Kei en route with a demonstration of some rather unusual (but extremely skilful) piloting techniques. Needless to say, our ladies reach their destination without incident and look around.

The ladies meet with the director of the government plant, who blames the private miners for sabotage. Whilst collecting information on the attacks, the director infers an insult at Kei and Yuri. Kei responds in her usual restrained manner and the director is subjected to an example of the "bad luck" factor that exists around Kei and Yuri. Worst still, after the dust settles, the girls are filthy.

Using their highly developed skills, (honed with thousands of credits of investment from the 3WA), Kei and Yuri find a... bath! Whilst enjoying the most simplest of pleasures, the first of several guests drops in on our ladies (literally). Although some might think this a pleasant thing to do, it's not necessarily so when you are both uninvited and already on Kei's black list... poor Carson. Further unwelcome visitors enter, cutting bath time short (what is a girl supposed to do, eh?). Through deftly footwork, a little third party help from Carson, and a quickly executed escape plan, our new threesome exits.

Our heroines have now left the old refinery and are questioning Carson. Carson won't play ball and demonstrates that he is not scared of 3WA officers, they're just cops after all. Yuri takes offence at this and elects that they should play bad cop, dangerous cop. Carson soon learns "you ladies are nuts" (yep, but lovely nuts). It seems the key to the strange goings on is a Professor Watsman. Carson takes the girls to the professors lab and shows them how to gain access to the fortified labs. However, he uses the opportunity to slip away. (Here confirmation of an unusual situation that seems to be arising becomes apparent, and it's usually Yuri here!)

Deep inside the facility, Kei, Yuri and Carson all catch up with the professor, who is a "few chips short of a motherboard" (his words not mine). It seems Watsman has a rather strange idea about trying to evolve a dormant life form. Watsman has decided that he will bring his baby into life kicking and screaming. Our threesome, who have been watching, now fall into the chamber, but they are not alone. The three of them have to now fight for survival amongst the mutoids (yuck). Spotting Kei and Carson in the chamber, the professor mistakenly believes these two are the evolutionary breakthroughs he has sought and retrieves them, leaving Yuri on her own!

With Kei and Carson, Watsman believes he now has the biokey he needs to unlock Sydinga's secret! He is now ready to initiate his final plan. (Plus we find out why Carson is actually here as well). Yuri, occasionally late but always there, finally turns up with a different look about her... hmmm. Watsman's attention shifts from Kei and Carson to Yuri, who he believes is the product of super evolution. Seemingly trapped, the cavalry arrives in the form of Munghi. Of course no Dirty Pair escape plan ever goes smooth. Where did all those mutoids come from?

Now faced with hundreds of mutoids, and only a small arsenal between them can our two ladies escape! Time for Yuri and Kei to get down to business and do what they do best. Now armed, these two special 3WA agents show how the Lovely Angels can be more formidable than an entire army.

Meanwhile, Carson has caught up with Bruno and retrieved the prize that he was so desperately seeking, but he is badly hurt. Carson opts for a few weapons and decides to play rear guard. Kei and Yuri leave Carson to go after Watsman and Bruno, and Kei is now a bit pissed. More fired up than usual, Kei and Yuri really do go "over the top" and bring down the professor, Bruno, and the entire complex. (Over the Top should definitely be the Lovely Angels anthem). Whilst Kei and Yuri survey the debris, Carson hurt, manages to make it out. With Watsman and Bruno loaded onto the transport, Yuri takes them all up, for a rendezvous with the "lovely angel". Watsman still thinking Yuri is his own creation, remark's "what a perfect specimen" .

On the upside, the Lovely Angels successfully wrap up another case with complete success. These ladies aren't just good- they are the BEST! The downside... mishaps will happen, especially where the Dirty Pair have been. Of course they can't be responsible for events that transpire after they leave. But the estimated casualty list is probably around several hundred thousand.

"I gave them just one planet, now I give them the whole galaxy"- Parting comment Professor Watsman 2141 AD

So what's so special this Kei and Yuri? This Kei and Yuri are, dare I say it, more realistic. And as much as you may like (or hate) the girls in Dirty Pair Flash, they have now matured into two extremely beautiful (Yuri especially), dangerous (particularly Kei), extremely skilful ladies, and two very special friends. Probably why us lads like them.

As for you ladies, Kei and Yuri represent the original hard girls of Manga. They are strong, skilful, tough, kind, and always underrated. They might not quite have the clean cut of Sailor Moon, but they live in a dirtier world and still rise above it! (And although always remaining competitive between each other, they have thrown away the childish spite they could sometimes show to each other.)

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