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CalbeeCalbee (Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2)
Late 30'sLate 30's
5'6"168 cm
110 lbs.49.9 kg
Con ArtistCon Artist
"They may be the Dirty Pair, but they're newbies in this business."
Spike SpencerAkio Ootsuka
Episode 9: Hot Springs Steamy Romantic TourEpisode 9: Hot Springs Steamy Romantic Tour
Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2

Character Description: Calbee

Whatever this guy says, please do one thing… DON'T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT!!! Calbee's career as a con artist depends on whoever's listening to his stories to believe him, and he's very good at it.

Among some the cons that Calbee had participated in was the selling fraudulent birth control devices, bogus marriage licenses, mail order panty fraud (for which Kei was a victim of), and Windows 2398. The secret of his success is his overall charm, and his knack of weaving a believable tale of woe and misfortune, which all that it's good for is decent fertilizer... not to mention an incredible amount of luck!

Like many others, Calbee was stranded on World's World because of the computer virus planted by a J.A.I.C. (Jointed Artificial Intelligence Criminal). However, being the resourceful person that he was, had convinced many a lady that he was a 3WA trouble consultant (or Tro-Con), at the same time fleecing them of their money to survive. On one day, when an unscheduled typhoon was blowing into the recreated Tokyo, he happened to be in a restaurant when he was confronted by REAL Tro-Cons... Kei and Yuri! Earlier, the "Lovely Angels" had to cancel their reservations at an expensive French restaurant because they did not have enough money. Capturing Calbee would give the two enough cash in order to dine there.

What happened next was a hilarious pursuit, which landed the trio twenty miles away from Tokyo and were forced to return on foot. All through this, Calbee had tried every trick in the book to try to escape the Angels. However, his luck was running both good AND bad all through the trip: bad because that he was unsuccessful every time, but good because he was able to survive it all.

In the end, Kei and Yuri were able to bring Calbee to justice. But somehow, the con artist was able to get out of jail and go back where he started from... playing the TroCon. However, Kei and Yuri were in no mood to bring him in the time.

Character Description: Calbee

If conning is an art, then Calbee is by far the most brilliant "artist" to ever grace the world of crime. Calbee is a slick, smart mouthed, smooth talking criminal who can pick pocket, and lie his way out of every problem.

Kei herself has fallen to many of Calbee's countless scams, and the criminal is quite the escape artist when it comes to being captured. Gifted with a mind of intelligence in street smarts, Calbee can sweet talk any girl off her feet.

He's very quick witted, and confident of his own skills to the point he doesn't even fear the Dirty Pair or the police. Calbee is also very calm and knows exactly what he's doing.

Kei and Yuri found Calbee smooth talking a girl at World's World while pretending to be a 3WA Agent. The girls chased him into the woods and ended up having to drag the pervert con man all the way back to the amusement park.

Calbee was able to smooth talk Yuri, escape Kei's bonds, and even push their buttons a few times before he was eventually arrested in a battle with the girls in a construction yard. The girls took the reward money for Calbee's capture and head out to a fancy dinner.

That is until they found him out the very next day, showing his conning charms off yet again. And the Dirty Pair were out the door the second they saw him. Seems no bars nor babes can keep Calbee down just yet.

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