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GazelleGazelleGazelle (Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3)
Mid 30'sMid 30's
Athletic coachAthletic coach
"This is pathetic, pathetic, PATHETIC!!"
Rob MungleKiyoshi Kobayashi
Episode 14: The Winner in Summer ColorsEpisode 14: The Winner in Summer Colors
Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3

Character Description: Gazelle

The coach from hell... this is the best description of Gazelle. He is a brutal taskmaster, who has only one way to play beach volleyball... HIS WAY! And if you don't agree with him... it's too bad... for the unlucky trainee who has him!

3WA Chief Poporo, thru the organizations central ultraframe computer, assigned Kei and Yuri to compete in the Northern Concern's Galaxy Cup championship, the purpose: to arrest the Concern's president, who had a very corrupt reputation. Since the Lovely Angels had no experience in beach volleyball, they were sent to the 3WA's training facility, where Gazelle was waiting for them. He then put the girls through a harsh training regiment, which barely bordered on torture. All the while, Gazelle harshly criticized the Angels, demeaning and insulting them.

When Kei and Yuri have had all they could stand of Gazelle's physical and verbal abuse, they promptly decided to quit the assignment and leave. However, Gazelle was ready for them. Before they could leave, he had told a story of how fifty Tro-Cons – including his friend Andre – had lost their lives in order to bring the Northern Concern's president to justice. Thus inspired, the Angels continued with their training, steadily improving their volleyball skills until they were ready. Just before they left, Gazelle put them thru one more test. The Angels passed, but Gazelle was injured as a result... sort of poetic justice.

Kei and Yuri later competed in the Galaxy Cup and won. After that, when the Northern Concern's perverted president had presented them with their trophies (for which the Angels had to wear 'special' bathing suits), they promptly arrested him, with some backup with the rest of the 3WA.

However, it was after they returned to the 3WA headquarters is when Kei and Yuri had learned from Chief Poporo the truth about the sacrifices that were made – it turned out that they were all minor office-related injuries, the most serious in fact was a typist who suffered Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and another with a bad case of hemorrhoids. Infuriated, the Angels paid a visit to Gazelle, who was in the hospital. It was after his friend Andre (wasn't he supposed to be dead?) had left with a gift of chocolate bunnies that Kei and Yuri arrived in his room... with their weapons! What happened to Gazelle after that, this writer shutters to think.

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