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Anime Profile: Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2
5 OVA episodes5 OVA episodes
A.D. VisionStudio NUE/Sunrise
Haruka Takechiho
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Description: Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2

Now that Kei and Yuri have finally settled down and are willing to tolerate each others extreme behavior, the new chief of their WWWA division assigns them to their first case as full agents. The world of "World's World", a planet-sized theme park, has encountered a major computer virus. The 3WA is therefore sending a Tro-Con to assist, and Kei and Yuri have been selected to "baby-sit" the technical Tro-Con, Toma.

Upon arrival at "World's World", the girls cannot see what all the fuss is about concerning Yuri's rather unorthodox landing. At least she is a better pilot than Kei. Kei and Yuri leave with Toma to escort him to security headquarters. Using a quaint method of transport known as a "Taxi", the three of them are ready to depart. Here the first attempt on Toma is made, putting Kei in a bad mood. Later Toma is shown to his hotel room, during which time another attempt is made on his life. This attempt, though, is stopped very abruptly by Kei. The assassin makes a hasty exit whilst leaving a number of grenades on the floor. Out in the hall, Yuri is passed by the assassin. Needless to say Kei catches up to both Yuri and the assassin, and returns some of his property to him.

Although the assassin has been dealt with, Toma informs Kei and Yuri that the viral infection is going to take sometime to sort out and until then "World's World" will remain under quarantine. Therefore they cannot leave at present.

Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2 This seems like good news to Kei and Yuri, trapped in a theme park and the assassin has already been dealt with. Yuri decides that they will stay and have fun, since their new boss won't know anything about it. But of course things don't run smoothly. The Lovely Angels find that, due to their latest tactical operation, there is no accommodations left for them in the hotel. Being 3WA agents, the girls throw their weight down and some accommodations are found for the girls. However, the "World's World" officials are concerned that they may not like it.

The girls arrive at their new accommodation, an elite school for girls, prompting two completely opposite reactions from Kei and Yuri. During the next few days Yuri uses the opportunity to rouse Kei. Eventually Yuri pushes Kei too far and Kei gets them expelled. Of course when Kei finds out what Yuri has done, she attempts to exterminate Yuri and Toma.

Toma still has not finished fixing the network or tracking down the viral infection. Thus while waiting, the girls go looking for MORE fun, but as usual trouble finds them.

Kei recognizes a wanted criminal, a con artist named Calbee. To Kei this means reward money and therefore an expensive meal. So Kei drags Yuri off after Calbee. This involves leaving the city and being dragged across a desert, which does not exactly make Yuri very happy (not the best thing for Yuri's soft complexion and long hair). Still, the girls get to play with some nice large dump trucks, and naturally capture their prey. So our girls get both their man and their meal.

Toma has still not been able to track the virus entry point, but is closing in on the source. The group has now been found some better accommodations, but this still does not suit our girls until they do a little rearranging of their own (poor Toma).

For the next few days, Toma's efforts are distracted by a beautiful young lady named Leena. Toma tries his best to impress Leena and even asks Kei for her advice. Yuri shows Toma that he should not be afraid and arranges a date for Toma. Things naturally take an unexpected turn. This affair almost kills Kei with laughter. Yuri, however, is both shocked and then very pleased for several reasons.

Toma finally tracks down the source of the virus to JAIC. However JAIC needs to escape off planet and heads for the spaceport, due to be reopened within the hour, after two weeks. Toma identifies JAIC at the spaceport, and Kei and Yuri go into pursuit, only to see JAIC steal the Lovely Angel itself.

Kei, of course, goes completely insane over this (or should that be ballistic!). Yuri meantime has the brilliant idea of hijacking an incoming transport to block the Lovely Angel (they cannot let JAIC escape). This maneuver surprisingly works. Since we are talking the Dirty Pair here, there is a rather unfortunate consequence for "World's World".

The bright side of this is that after having spent two weeks really winding Kei up, when Kei is nearly killed Yuri rushes to her and even Kei is surprised by this. At least the girls can quite truthfully state that they achieved all of their mission objectives, and that no criminal will ever get away from them! It's just the civilians that need to keep their heads down.

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