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Anime Profile: Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3
5 OVA episodes5 OVA episodes
A.D. VisionStudio NUE/Sunrise
Haruka Takechiho
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Characters: Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Chief Poporo Chief Poporo "Mad Dog" Kamen βŠ• "Mad Dog" Kamen βŠ•
Gazelle Gazelle Beringer βŠ• Beringer βŠ•
Kei Kei Julian βŠ• Julian βŠ•
Monica De Noir Monica De Noir Mr. Winston βŠ• Mr. Winston βŠ•
Yuri Yuri Rosa βŠ• Rosa βŠ•

Description: Case 1- "Snow White Chaser"

Kei does not always go looking for trouble, but sometimes trouble goes out of its way to find Kei. The unfortunate thing is, civilians always seem to have to do the cost counting. Kei is taking a return flight back to Garabonia when an unidentified fight craft starts to shadow the airliner. It is soon apparent that trouble is abundant when the airliner is forced out of the sky by some heavy firepower. As the plane plunges to the ground over the Jural Mountains, amidst the confusion Kei spies a young mother trying to protect her baby. Through her usual "unknown" luck, Kei survives the crash. The baby's mother is not so fortunate and begs Kei to protect her baby. Kei reluctantly agrees and takes the infant clear of the plane, just in time.

Kei, not one to quit in any circumstances, takes the young infant and sets out across the snow covered mountains. However, they do not remain alone for long, as a feeding time is interrupted by the crack of gunfire. It seems whoever brought the plane down, intended this child to go down with it. Kei makes a skilful escape, using her most precious blaster to even up the odds.

For a while Kei looses her pursuers and comes across a log cabin, which offers the freezing pair some protection. Peace is soon shattered once again as Kei sees a pursuit chopper off loading. Although the troops fall to Kei's naturally destructive charms, Kei has to duck to avoid the missiles. Regardless of a good fight, even Kei can't win all fights single handed.

In a rare moment of their early career, Kei expresses real joy to see Yuri as she comes to the rescue (late as always). With the terrorists finally dispatched, Yuri who has actually been paying attention, informs Kei of the infants current circumstances. Kei reacts in an unexpected manner (well, Yuri was surprised!). Although I'm not sure the young infant is going to be overly fond of his new name!

Description: Case 2- "Pink Sniper"

For many generations, the De Noir family has upheld the family traditions and carried on the family business with pride. Now it is the turn of the current generation to step into her parents shoes, now that she has come of age. Therefore, Monica has decided that this will be best accomplished with the "help" of the two new 3WA officers, still making their own name. Kei and Yuri are currently enjoying something they won't often receive as they get (a little) older- a holiday.

Yuri Yuri is sun bathing on board a beautiful yatch, with a number of birds flying above. Unfortunately these are not normal birds, and they start to attack our lovely Angel while she relaxes. This does not sit well with Yuri, who dispatches the explosive birds. At the same time, Kei is fishing and reels in something rather sharp.

Later, Kei is relaxing by the pool and Yuri is about to take a swim. As Yuri commences her dive from the board, Kei notices something very strange about the water. Reacting with lightning-fast reflexes, Kei catches Yuri by the Bikini. Yuri is not amused by this until Kei demonstrates a very good reason not to go swimming.

Kei and Yuri are now quite unhappy about the interruptions in their holiday (although this will become something they will have to get used to). Kei takes them both out for a spin. Whilst up on a mountain road, the ladies stop for a short break, when a young girl stops to talk to Yuri, giving her a pretty broach. The girl the gets on her monocycle and speeds off. Strange, huh?. Suddenly a lot more explosive sea gulls start to dive bomb Yuri, until Kei figures out what is happening. This little girl has always been around when trouble is about. Kei, followed by Yuri, jumps into the car and floors it. They catch up the abandoned bike at a castle on top of the ridge road. Of course they go in.

Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3 Monica welcomes Kei and Yuri to their "farewell" party, to which Kei and Yuri laugh, that is until Monica mistakenly insults not just Kei, but also Yuri (this is not wise!). As Kei and Yuri skilfully evade the various attacks on them, they reduce Monica's arsenal down to her Tedybear, Mack, and Papa Mack. Even this doesn't stand up to a close assault. (If you are actually stupid enough to insult our lovely Yuri, don't do it when she still has her powersword!)

Another case of wrong doing is finally raped up, as Yuri administers appropriate punishment on Monica. Shame that the fairy tale castle didn't fair very well. It will also be a long time before the Pink Sniper decides to cross paths with Kei and Yuri, they're just too dangerous.

Description: <small>Case 3- "The Winners in Summer Colors"</small>

It would not normally be considered that either Kei or Yuri were particularly sporty. Yes, Kei constantly practices her combat skills, while Yuri stays in shape for much more feminine reasons, but volley ball championships?

Kei and Yuri have been selected for a special mission. A way has been found for the 3WA to arrest the president of a powerful corporation known as the "Northern Concern", wanted on a string of charges. Kei and Yuri will, however, have to undergo several weeks of intensive training, far above the current skills. Our girls are therefore transferred to the corps special training facility, where they are assigned to Gazelle, the hardest of all the corps instructors.

For the next few weeks Kei and Yuri are pushed beyond their known limits, so far in fact that they become walking zombies. Eventually Yuri cracks and is unable to take it any more, after all this training has wrecked her and she hasn't been able to wash her hair properly (not good for such a long and beautiful Maine). Yuri breaks down into tears and threatens to quit. Kei, now getting very used to Yuri through all their missions to date, supports Yuri and the two leave. However, the instructor has an ace up his sleeve and persuades them to make it through. Soon Kei and Yuri are molded into a team, tighter than anything before them and able to withstand ten times the punishment of before. Finally, the Lovely Angels pass the last test with flying colours. They are now ready for their mission.

As the ball goes up, it is launched with the force of a bazooka. The Galactic Volleyball Championships are under way. The competition is very good, but not good enough as the barrage onslaught from Kei and Yuri continues. Soon the ball goes down for the last point. The unknown outsiders are the new Galactic Champions (wow). To present them with their trophy, the president appears. At this point our girls spring into official action and arrest the president, with a "small" amount of backup.

Back at headquarters, Poporo is very pleased with their action, but lets slip a piece of information the girls were mislead on. Now the corps special instructors will learn a lesson- Don't lie to the Dirty Pair!

Description: Case 4- "My Boy in Rose Colour"

This is not actually from Kei and Yuri's official case files, but was a small mission Yuri "volunteered" to embark on to Help Kei out of a small jam that she had got herself into. Without giving the story away, there's not a lot to this story.

Yuri has to volunteer to baby sit Julian (the grandson of a weathly business man named Mr. Winston), who believes Yuri to be the perfect woman (easy to do!-biased!-sorry). Anyway, Yuri has to spend the next week with Julian in rather unusual conditions, with almost ridiculous constraints. Fortunately, Kei feels she is in Yuri's debt and Yuri ensures that Kei is going to repay her. Points to note, while Yuri goes through many attractive outfits, do you recognise one particular outfit? Also, Kei makes a very cute pizza delivery girl, just don't short change her.

Eventually Yuri decides that she must straighten Julian's thinking about women, and explain to him what real women are all about. This revelation has unexpected results. As with any Lovely Angel/Dirty Pair mission, it will never turn out as expected due to that "luck streak" of theirs. Poor Yuri! Well, Julian comes out happy, although Yuri doesn't quite get what she wanted, she's still got Kei after all.

Description: Case 5- "The Grey Avenger"

The Galactic is a very rough place in parts, hence the need for an unusual, perhaps unauthordox police officer. Of course, not even the Lovely Angels get away unscathed all the time. Currently off active duty, our ladies have a few apologies to hand write- ouch!

A little way across the galaxy, a meeting is taking place between the legendary "Mad Dog" Kamen and an escaped prisoner, Beringer. It would seem that Kamen has acquired a special weapon but needs Beringer's help to utilise it. Beringer agrees on one condition. He wants a 100 hours with the weapon to settle an old debt with the 3WA and a man named Poporo. Time to cut back to 3WA district headquarters, where Kei and Yuri still haven't finished the apologies. While down in the basement, a surprise is entering the building, pretty risky huh?

Unfortunately, the building defences seem to be designed to stop terrorists and humanoid invaders, not super heavy combat tanks! As Beringer cuts through the headquarters, Poporo becomes isolated, while Kei and Yuri naturally stop off at the armory. Kei and Yuri catch up with Poporo as most of the building's staff are evacuated to safety. Things are not going well for the home team as it transpires that they just haven't got enough serious firepower, (me thinks Kei will procure some better "supplies" after this event), however Kei has what is considered a real "think on your feet" moment. The worst news is that Beringer has captured little Rosa and is quite happy to use her to get to Poporo. As Poporo heads towards the roof after Beringer and Rosa, with Yuri in pursuit, Kei heads down to the basement to find the only thing she can think of that has enough power to punch through Beringer's super armour. As with anything Kei does, the word overkill jump into mind.

Up on the roof things are now getting rather taught, as Beringer plays with Poporo, wanting to savor the moment. However, his time is up and Kamen wants his toy back. Beringer must now get rid of Poporo, discarding little Rosa, he trains his attention on Poporo. Yuri gives Kei the command to fire and Kei always hits her target. Unfortunately (a favorite Dirty Pair word!), Kei hits more than her intended target, but then I think Yuri forgot to tell Kei what had moved above them.

In the end, Poporo can't help but to thank our heroines, even if he must now help them write another load of apologies. Still, a good score for the Lovely Angels record! Not only did they take out Beringer and destroy the stolen mech, they managed to get "Mad Dog" Kamen in the process as well!

Overall scores were several thousand for the good guys, complete toast for the bad guys, and for everyone else, heavy collateral damage with mixed casualties and a serious taste of what's to come now that the Dirty Pair have come of age!

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