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Character Profile: Leena

USA Info
Japanese Info
Leena   Leena (Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2)
Human Human
Female Female
16 years 16 years
Blue Blue
Blue Blue
5'5" 165 cm
119 lbs. 54 kg
Florist Florist
"It's no problem, as long as you can return them to me."  
Kimberly Yates Yuri Shuratori
Episode `0: Sparkling Flower Shop of Love Episode `0: Sparkling Flower Shop of Love
Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2 Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2

Character Description: Leena

The daughter of a foodstuffs exectutive and a teacher at World's World, Leena works part-time as a florist. Her hobbies include collecting stuffed animals and playing tennis. One one of the designated rainy days of the park, Yuri and Touma rushed under the awning of the shop she worked at. She saw the two and gave them an umbrella each. Almost immedietly, Touma found himself falling in love with her.

Over the next week, Touma used every free moment of his time pursuing the object of his desire, often stopping at the flower shop and buying expensive bouquets of flowers as an excuse to see her. His story about the flowers was he was giving them to the lady of the tobacco story near his apartment and to his landlady (he really gave them to Kei and Yuri.)

Maybe it was Touma's inexperience in love that caused the following disaster. All during this time, Leena was asking questions, particularly about Yuri. It got to the point when Yuri had forced Touma to call her and ask her for a date. Touma did so, but his shyness forced Yuri to go to the phone and ask for him. But before she could complete what she had to say, Leena agreed. Estatic, Touma began preparations for the date. But when the appointed time came, Touma was crushed. Leena did want to go on a date - but with Yuri!

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