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Character Profile: Monica De Noir

USA Info
Japanese Info
Monica De Noir   Monica De Noir (Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3)
The Sweet Fairy  
Human Human
Female Female
15 years 15 years
Pink Pink
Yellow Yellow
De Noir Clan Assassin De Noir Clan Assassin
"You don't want to play anymore?"  
Junie Hoang  
Episode 13: Pink Sniper Episode 13: Pink Sniper
Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3 Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3

Character Description: Monica De Noir

Awww doesn't she look cute, awe she's gonna KILL YOU! Monica may look cute and pink, but this little girl is by no means a daddy's princess push over. Monica is the newest addition to the De Noir family, a family clan of murderers and assassins, trained to kill quote "spectacuarly and beautifully". The De Noir come into the family "trade" and the age of 15, and Monica was already in line.

To make a splashing debut, she decided to kill off the infamous Dirty Pair, Kei and Yuri. The girls were actually on vacation at the time and end up being greeted with poisonous python presents, suicide bird bots, acid swimming pools, even exploding marbles. Personally, Monica basically acts how she looks, a stuck up little girl who gets everything she wnats and thinks she's top dog.

She loves all sorts of cute, girly, toyish like death weapons, and has fun during her deadly missions which she takes as "games". But Kei and Yuri not only defeated all of her death attempts, they humilated her, empying out her beloved Mr. Macky weapon bear and even destroying her "Papa Macky" bear bot battle suit. It seems the lovely pink sniper had met her match against these two ahem "old ladies" as she puts it.

In the end, Monica is last seen having a cat fight with Kei and Yuri, complete with ass kicking, biting, hair pulling, clawing each other, and fighting like a bunch of 8 year olds. But eventually Monica was arrested and sent off to jail. Of course with a villain that's a skanky 15 year old assassin, who knows what's to become of our dear, deluded, psychopathtic, pink sniper.

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