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WaldessWaldessWaldess (Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1)
Early's 40'sEarly's 40's
Ice BlueIce Blue
"Behold the power of siren."
Tristan McAvery
Episode 1: Runaway AngelEpisode 1: Runaway Angel
Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1
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Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2

Character Description: Waldess

Few men can achieve both the wealthy, well mannered, billionaire business man, and total psychopathic lunatic stage, but Waldess pulls it off. President of GCN, a very powerful military and technological supplying company, Waldess lives behind a shield of lies under his fancy suits and big limos.

Being a relatively calm and well placed man, there is a certain degree of eccentric insanity behind Waldess. He's very calm and is very intelligent in both planning and organizing operations, attacks, etc. However once the pressure is put on we see that Waldess is also a godly oversized egomaniac who believes he is the only one able to cleanse the Earth of god's mistakes (namely us). At times Waldess can become stark raving mad and even talk to himself, but he never loses his chilling and most cunning of evil personas.

As a member of Lucifer, a dark organization that controls nearly all crime in the city, Waldess was planning to take over the super high tech Siren space station satellite. With it, Waldess could control all vehicle, weapon, and every sort of communications known to man. So Waldess hired Lady Flair to take out a few loose ends, which ended up dragging a certain hot headed Kei along.

Kei hunted Waldess and Lady Flair down all the way to Waldess private cruiser ship in the Arctics. However, after Flair was seemingly killed by Kei, Waldess escaped and was branded a wanted man by Lucifer. Lucifer then hired every hit man, assassin, and even Lady Flair to finish off Waldess. But his assistant's sacrifice and his quick thinking allowed Waldess to board Siren and take control of it. Once doing so, the 3WA was hammered by Siren's awesome defenses and all seemed lost. Until Kei and Yuri cracked into Siren's hull.

The Dirty Pair confronted Waldess but also found Lady Flair, apparently reformed thanks to Garner. The once Iris of the original Lovely Angels tried to kill Waldess but failed, and accidentally allowed him to start a countdown that would launch all nuclear weapons across the galaxy. Flair attacked Waldess but was fatally shot 3 times in the chest with her own gun. Yuri tossed Kei her blaster and finished Waldess off with a direct shot through the heart.

Both Waldess and Flair were dead, their bodies incinerated in the colossal self destruct blast that annihilated Siren, and Waldess's dark plans for intergalactic domination once and for all.

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