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DisgaeaMakai Senki Disgaea(Netherworld Battle Chronicle: Disgaea)(ι­”η•Œζˆ¦θ¨˜γƒ‡γ‚£γ‚Ήγ‚¬γ‚€γ‚’)
12 TV Episodes(on DVD)12 TV Episodes
January 9, 2007(DVD)April 4, 2006–June 20, 2006
FUNimation(new licensor), Geneon(original licensor)Oriental Light & Magic/Nippon Ichi Software
 Nippon Ichi Software(based on the PS2 video game)
 Kiyotaka Isako
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-FiAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Disgaea

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Etna Etna Kurtis βŠ• Kurtis βŠ•
Flonne Flonne Maharl βŠ• Maharl βŠ•
Laharl Laharl Prinny βŠ• Prinny βŠ•
General Carter βŠ• General Carter βŠ• Thursday βŠ• Thursday βŠ•
Gordon βŠ• Gordon βŠ• Vulcanus βŠ• Vulcanus βŠ•
Jennifer βŠ• Jennifer βŠ• Vyers βŠ• Vyers βŠ•

Description: Disgaea

Based on the hit PS2 Strategy/RPG video game series, Disgaea follows the comedic and supernatural misadventures of Laharl, who is the prince of the Netherworld. He awakes after sleeping for two years, only to find the Netherworld in chaos and his father King Krichevskoy dead.

Laharl sets out on a mission to reclaim the Netherworld, along with the help of Etna, his father's former vassel. Will Laharl succeed in gaining his late fathers legacy?

Press Release Summary

The King of the Netherworld has died and various demons are now building their own empires in an effort to take control. However, the late King's son has arrived and is out to reclaim his rightful place as ruler of the Netherworld! Along to help him is his vassal; Etna with her Prinny squad, and Flonne, an angel-in-training originally sent to assassinate the king only to find that he has already died. Join our three intrepid, and somewhat eccentric, heroes as they initiate their plan to conquer the Netherworld, Heaven and Earth in DISGAEA.

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Disgaea Desktop Servant - a Prinny desktop pet. No installation required; just download, unzip, and run. Sorry, Mac users, it's only PC compatible.

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