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LaharlRaharuLaharl (Disgaea)
Overlord Laharl, Prince, Your Highness, HarlieDenka, Raharu-san, Raharu-sama
1313 years old1313 years old
4'5"135 cm
84 lbs38.1 kg
"I am the great Lord Laharl!"
Barbara GoodsonKaori Mizuhashi
Episode 1Episode 1
DisgaeaMakai Senki Disgaea

Character Description: Laharl

Laharl is an Overlord that had napped for two whole years until the Angel Trainee, Flonne, came along and woke him up.

Laharl is a stubborn, short, grouchy half-demon with very strong powers. His antennae and scarf actually are there to make him seem taller than he actually is. He has two weaknesses: platitudes and sexy women. That's right. He can't stand curves or things like 'happiness' and 'love'. He's also stingy with his money...

Being an Overlord as powerful as he, he has to fight off any demons that wish to take his place as Overlord. His two main vassals, Etna and Flonne, are with him throughout the whole series.

Really, Laharl is a half-demon, the offspring of a human mother and a demonic father. His mother sacrificed herself for his life when he became extremely ill and his father... well, in the anime they go for a comedic death: choking on a sweet bean bun.

In the end, Laharl sacrifices himself for Flonne's life, much like his mother did. Flonne came back as a Fallen Angel and he had Etna become queen. But when it turns out there's a lazy Prinny -- a penguin-like demon that is really the soul of a sinner trying to atone for its sins -- around the castle, it turns out it has large, glowing, red eyes and two familiar antennae!

Character Description: Laharl

Laharl was awakened two years after the death of his father, King Krichevskoy. When he found out, his ambition was to become the next Overlord of the Nether World. Laharl insists that he is fervor, but he sometimes fails to hide his compassion; and ends up teasing one of his vassals - mostly Etna.

This self-centered demon is very insecure with his emotions, believing that they're a weakness demon's should not have. He always esponds to his vassal's taunts, with determined refusal to any kindness in his heart. Though he doesn't look it, Laharl posses immense strength physically as well as magically. He frequently shows this power to impose authority over his vassals. Ruthless in battle, he thinks nothing of the opponent's life till they're at his mercy.

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