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DNA^2 (alternate spelling)DNA^2 (alternate spelling)
15 OVA episodes15 OVA episodes
US Manga Corps
Masakazu Katsura
Sci-Fi, Comedy, AdventureSci-Fi, Comedy, Adventure
Junta MomonariJunta Momonari
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Ami Kurimoto Ami Kurimoto
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Karin Aoi Karin Aoi
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Kotomi Takanashi Kotomi Takanashi
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Ryuji Sugashita Ryuji Sugashita
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Tomoko Saeki Tomoko Saeki

Description: DNA²

The story is rather odd (to say the least). You see, the future is plagued by an uncontrollable population problem. However the masterminds of the future decide to find the source of the population problem, and change it. The source is found to be a guy by the name of Junta Momonari. You see, Junta, in the past, becomes (what the show calls him) a mega-playboy. He is said to have 100 kids with 100 different women. Then those 100 kids have a 100 kids of their own, and so on. Of course if this continues several generations, you have a horrible population problem. So the people of the future decide to go back in time and change the DNA of this guy. It was supposed to be quite simple- a DNA operator goes back in time and shoots Junta with a DCM bullet that will alter and change his DNA, then the operator returns to the less populated future. However those masterminds that devised this great plan, made one mistake... putting Karin Aoi in charge of the operation.

So Karin goes back in time and makes one very serious mistake... she brings the wrong DCM bullet (hey we all do it at one time or another). So when she finally confronts Junta Momonari she shoots him with a bullet that increases the possibility of him becoming the "Mega-Playboy". OH NO!!! This is horrible... Junta will most likely cause the horrible population increase. And even worse, because of the bullet Junta's DNA is super unstable which causes him to change between the super mega playboy, and his regular boring self at anytime. He briefly changes once, resulting in Saeki (a main character) to fall in love with him. Every girl in the world is attracted to Junta when he turns into the mega playboy. Every girl but Ami, Junta's "friend" since childhood. Oh boy... confused yet??? Well me too...

Karin, seeing her mission failing in front of her eyes, comes up with a plan (one that might allow her to still get that "sweet sweet home, and great husband"). The plan is to get Ami and Junta together. Since Ami isn't turned on by Junta when he is the mega playboy, Junta will never have the impulse to change. The plan seems great, but Junta is not in love with Ami (well if you think about you might say he is); he is more in love with Karin. Karin's plan is harder and harder to achieve. Finally Karin receives the correct DCM bullet from the future! Karin will now be able to get the mission over with. Well, of course it doesn't turn out to be that easy (sounding kinda familiar doesn't it)... The reason: SHE SHOOTS THE WRONG PERSON!!! She actually shoots Ryuji (in fact he's a big jerk). Well this causes a problem (yep, you guessed it), for now Ryuji turns into this big dictator type of person!

Now Junta, Karin and Ami have to team up and exterminate Ryuji. It's a fierce little competition, but of course the good guys come through. Now that the Ryuji incident is over, they all have to decide on what's gonna happen. That's when outta the blue, a new time machine comes from the future. The people, demonic as they are, try to destroy the small progress that Karin has made in attempts to stop Junta from becoming the mega-playboy. In the end, the good-guys prevail, and the masterminds of the future come and save the day by curing Junta of the mega-playboy gene (or whatever it is).

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