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Daisuke NiwaDaisuke NiwaDaisuke Niwa (D.N.Angel)
Dark MousyDark Mousy
14 years old (born November 11th)14 years old (born November 11th)
5'2"157 cm
76 lbs34.5 kg
Type AType A
Kevin CornMiyu Irino (anime), Soichiro Hoshi (Drama CDs)

Character Description: Daisuke Niwa

Daisuke is a 14-year-old boy who is anything but normal. On his 14th birthday, his first love, Risa rejected him. This rejection reacted with his DNA and made him transform into Dark. Now, whenever Daisuke longs for a girl, he transforms into Dark.

Daisuke Niwa comes from a strange family. Every male born into the family gets the ability to become Dark, a mysterious thief who hasn't been seen in forty years.

This occurs when Daisuke sees the one that he loves - in his case, Risa Harada. His 'curse' can only be broken when his first love returns his feelings...

But unfortunately for Daisuke, Risa likes Dark. And Dark likes Risa. And Riku likes Daisuke. It's a very confusing love triangle...shape...thing...

A funny little tidbit for Daisuke (which only occurs in the manga) is that the only dream sequence shown from him is a nightmare where Risa has her head down and is still dressed from the date and says "He's not coming... I keep calling him..." Then to Daisuke's horror, she lifts her head and she's Riku "...but Dark doesn't come for me!" Daisuke gets confused and Dark shows up. It flashes to a scene where Riku and Dark are happily married and the two driving away in a car. Daisuke, unsuccessfully, tries to stop them. Then he wakes up.

Character Description: Daisuke Niwa

Daisuke's life was normal until his fourteenth birthday.

One day, the girl in Daisuke's class that he had a crush on, Risa Harada, told him he was a "really good friend." He had written a love letter that he was about to give her, but upon hearing that he drops the letter. She picks it up, but doesn't get a chance to read it as he snatches it away from her.

He went home, and his mother and grandfather finally told him their family secret... that he can turn into the 'Phantom Thief' Dark Mousy. They end up having many adventures together, during which Dark Mousy and Daisuke both steal girls' hearts and valuable paintings. But the whole time, Daisuke it trying to find the "Holy Maiden" to get turned back to normal.

At the end of the series, though sadly, Dark Mousy sacrifices himself to save Daisuke and Satoshi.

Altogether Daisuke is a good-willed and good-hearted boy who is totally selfless.

Character Description: Daisuke Niwa

Daisuke Niwa was heart broken after giving a love letter to his classmate, Risa Harada. That same day was his fourteenth birthday, and when he got home, he turned into the mysterious phantom thief Dark Mousy.

Daisuke now has to steal different artifacts so the so called Black Wings will not resurrect. Dark and Daisuke are hunted down by a man named Krad. Daisuke in the beginning of the anime likes Risa, but in the end likes Riku.

Daisuke is really athletic and likes hanging out with friends. He was about to be killed when Mio Hio came. She would get a life for his life. A lot of things happens to Daisuke, like he gets trapped in a world made by the Second Hand of Time.

Daisuke turns into Dark by love genes. When he looks at a picture of someone that he likes, he turns into Dark. It is the same for Dark. But then they get the Rutile of Sigh from Daisuke's father, Kosuke. Now they can transform uncontrollably.

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