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DarkDarkDark (D.N.Angel)Dark (D.N.Angel)
Dark MousyDark Mousy
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Phantom Thief DarkKaitou Dark
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Daisuke NiwaDaisuke Niwa
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Koku-yoku ("Dark Wing") (in the manga)Koku-yoku ("Dark Wing") (in the manga)
Appears about 17-18 years old (born November 11)Appears about 17-18 years old (born November 11)
Deep purpleDeep purple
Dark Purple/RedDark Purple/Red
Art ThiefArt Thief
"Either way, all women are MINE!"
Vic MignognaRyotaro Okiayu

Character Description: Dark

Dark Mousy is an illusive art thief characterized by large black angel wings. Dark's last theft occurred 40 years prior to D.N.Angel, when Daisuke's grandfather was the Thief. Dark's DNA has been passed through the Niwa family for generations, and when young Dai-kun finally transforms, Dark is welcomed with open arms. Especially by Daisuke's mom.

Dark Mousy is confident and can think on his feet. He's good looking and he's not afraid to show it. Dark transforms back into Daisuke when his feelings surface for the one he loves. This is often triggered by seeing the person, even if it's just a picture of her. Likewise, Daisuke will transform into Dark for the same reason. Dark's object of affection is Riku, while Daisuke's love is Risa Harada. Unfortunately, Risa likes Dark and Riku likes Daisuke!

Too make things even more confusing, Risa looks strikingly similar to her grandmother, Rika, for whom Dark had affections prior to appearing from Daisuke. But he does tell Risa that, even though he loved her grandmother and they look so alike, he still does not have feelings for her.

At the current point in time, Dark's only real enemy is another genetic 'D.N.Angel' named Krad (Dark spelled backwards).

Krad and Dark are both part of one artwork created by the Hikari's (Satoshi's original family). It was supposed to be a living artwork, but when the Niwa's (Daisuke's family) tried to steal it, the artwork split in two, creating Dark and Krad. In the last episodes of the anime, Dark seals both him and Krad back into the artwork.

Daisuke has a pet rabbit thing named With. When Daisuke becomes Dark, With becomes Dark's wings. Dark has his own wings, but doesn't use them because, as explained by Satoshi in volume 11, the strain of angel wings is too great for Daisuke's human body. When Daisuke tries to summon wings again, Satoshi stops him saying he can't control them and that he would end up like himself.

In episode 25, 'Black Wings', Dark warns Daisuke that if he is to use his magic in full it would but a serious strain on Daisuke's body. Daisuke says he understands this, but still leaves behind the Rutile that his father, Kosuke Niwa, gave him. He claimed that if it truly was his pain then he wanted to feel it. Shortly after, With and Towa turn into a stone type texture, Dark warning Daisuke not to touch them.

In episode 26, 'Eternal Dark', Riku and Daisuke are running from the fountain, the ground around the crumbling down into the town below. Riku falls with the debris, and Daisuke jumps after her. He grabs her and pulls her close to him. He then shouts that he Needs Wings. A golden light is shown, much how when Dark first spoke to Daisuke (suggesting he's invoking Dark's Powers), and he thinks to himself how painful it is. He then makes a comment on how Hiwatari had to deal with the pain every time Krad came out, and fought to remain conscious as red wings erupted from his back.

Dark's Name

I'm told that Dark's name isn't Dark Mousy, it's just Dark, and Mousy is just a nickname Krad gave him. However, his name appears as Dark Mousy in a character profile at the end of one of the manga issues. I'm also told by someone else that in the manga he is given the name Dark Mousy by a guy that used Daisuke for a commercial about Dark. If you can confirm that Dark Mousy is actually a nickname, please contact me. Additionally, in the manga, the artwork created by the Hikaris that Dark and Krad were both born of was called 'Koku-yoku,' or 'Dark Wing.' He has, in translation, literally been called 'Dark Wing' by multiple characters, including other artworks made by the Hikaris (i.e. Argentine and Insomnia).

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