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Emiko NiwaEmiko NiwaEmiko Niwa (D.N.Angel)
Daisuke's motherDaisuke's mother
"Oh, I'm sooo happy!""Oh, I'm sooo happy!"

Character Description: Emiko Niwa

Emiko is Daisuke's mother and Daiki's daughter. Since her mother died giving birth to her, she blames herself for her mother's death and because that she's a girl, she can't transform into Dark. When she was a girl, she was very popular. But whenever boys asked her out, she would only go out if they would be the father of her baby boy. (but all the boy's just ran away).

When Daisuke's father, Kosuke asked her why she wanted to have a baby boy, she told him that she would be the mother of Phantom Thief Dark. Also, he was the first guy to ever ask her that. She said that it meant he really wanted to know her. The reason Emiko wanted a boy was because she didn't want her child to feel the same way she did when she was a child.

Also, not only Daisuke, but Dark cares for her too, because he said that she's also his "mother" who gave birth to him. Usually, when Dark has to steal artwork, Emiko sends out the warning notes (which drives Daisuke crazy). In any case, Emiko is a very fun, and unique character on D.N.Angel.

Character Description: Emiko Niwa

Emiko is Daisuke Niwa's mother. She is extremely hyperactive and does not act her age. She makes unusual clothing for Dark when he goes out to steal artwork. She is also responsible for sending out the notices to the police which tell them what, when and where Dark's next target will be. Emiko is very much in love with her husband, Daisuke's father, Kosuke. It made her very upset as a young girl that she could not become Dark Mousy.

She and her father rig the house to be a training ground for Daisuke. She is peppy and considers Daisuke's transformation as being cute. On the surface it seems that she doesn't feel Daisuke's pain, but inside she feels for her son and promises to watch over him.

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