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FreedertFreedert (D.N.Angel)
Episode 22Episode 22

Character Description: Freedert

Freedert's story is based on an old legend (possibly called Ice and Snow, though it turns out that it was far more than that and the original is called Ice and Dark). Dai's artwork/painting seems to awaken the legend, and at the same time he discovers the second hand of time. The second hand of time and Freedert are one. And by the way, Dai came back to the real world when Satoshi sent the wedge of time in the painting and Dark forcefully pulls him back. Well, Freedert is just one of those people that Dark and Dai saves/saved in the quest throughout the series.

There were three of them, Freedert and her two best friends, Elliot and Kyle, since childhood. The three of them did everything together. Elliot's father was the Duke, so he was really in a totally different class than Freedert and Kyle, but it didn't stop them from being very good friends.

Eventually, Elliot and Freedert were drawn to each other more and more. We're not sure when it began, but it was very real. But then the wars began,and Elliot went off into battle. Death lies in wait for all warriors on the battlefield. So Elliot asked his best friend Kyle to take care of Freedert if anything happened to him. "Of course. I'll take care of her, Elliot. I'll protect her no matter what happens." Kyle told Elliot. After hearing his promise, Elliot left. But Kyle, his own feelings for Freedert drove him mad with jealousy, until he felt only hate for his former best friend. Even if Elliot and Freedert lived happily ever after, he would never be free of these feelings.

So he went to the village's sacred artwork and protector, the Toki No Byoushin. There he prayed for something evil.... "Please!! Take away Elliot's time!! I know it's wrong, but I just can't let him have her! If he dies in battle, it will be a hero's death! And Freedert, if only there were no Elliot, maybe...." he prayed. His wish was granted.

Second Hand of Time During battle, Elliot was struck by an arrow and killed. But the arrow didn't belong to an enemy or an ally. According to those who saw it... it was a giant iron spear that looked like the second hand of a clock. When she heard of Elliot's death, Freedert begged the Toki No Byoushin to take her life instead. She prayed saying "Please give all my time to him." Her wish was granted.

Kyle never even considered that his beloved Freedert would give up her life for Elliot's sake. When Elliot, restored to life by Freedert's wish, finally returned... the town had fallen into ruins. The townspeople had all vanished, and Freedert, who had given her own life to save his, was breathing her last. "If my life continuing by her light... I return it all back to her", Elliot said. Taking the sword that Freedert had given him when he left for the war, Elliot thrust it through his own heart.

But while the Toki No Byoushin could exchange their time... it couldn't restart time that had stopped. "I... I've made a horrible mistake... ", she said. Finally, as Elliot lay dying at the base of the Toki No Byoushin... the sword Freedert had given him began to glow strangely in his hand....

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