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Riku HaradaRiku HaradaRiku Harada (D.N.Angel)
About 14 years oldAbout 14 years old
Reddish BrownReddish Brown
Risa's twin sisterRisa's twin sister
"Sorry""Gomenesai" ("Sorry")
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Hilary HaagSara Nakayama

Character Description: Riku Harada

Riku is Risa's twin sister. She's the nicer sister, and isn't as snotty. She's the sister with shorter hair - a source of common confusion.

Later on, Dark develops a crush on her, and she is what makes him turn back into Daisuke. However, Riku likes Daisuke, and thinks that Dark is a pervert (for good reason).

Character Description: Riku Harada

Riku Harada is the slightly more tomboyish and mature of the Harada twins. While Risa enjoys being popular and good-looking, Riku is the complete opposite. She wears what is comfortable to her and is very independent, always trying to do things on her own to prove that she is not weak. She can cook, she's athletic, and she gets good grades. She's also very stubborn, leaving her in some very akward situations. She's polite and understands herself perfectly, and is very calculating about how others feel. She thinks before she acts so she doesn't hurt anyone. Though she seems tough on the outside, but on the inside she is just really insecure about everything she does. She's a very caring, sweet girl and cares a lot about first impressions.

Riku is (Book 4 and up) both Daisuke and Dark's sacred maiden, though she might never be able to accept the fact that her beloved, cute and sweet Daisuke is the perverted Dark whom she hates. She needs to fall in love with both Daisuke and Dark to get rid of Daisuke's DNA condition. Riku calls Dark a pervert after sneaking into her room and stealing her first kiss. Riku firmly believes that her first kiss should have gone to the one she truly loved and was angered at once about Dark stealing her first.

Riku would do anything for her twin sister, Risa. Even give up her relationship with Daisuke to make her happy. In the beginning, Riku knew that Daisuke liked Risa, and even though Riku liked him she backed off because she believe that Daisuke was perfect for Risa.

Riku can be identified by her short, above shoulder length locks of reddish-brown hair that is parted slightly towards the side. She wears the more sporty, baggy clothes of her and her sister.

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