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Character Profile: Satoshi Hiwatari

USA Info
Japanese Info
Satoshi Hiwatari Satoshi Hiwatari Satoshi Hiwatari (D.N.Angel)
Satoshi Hikari Satoshi Hikari
· · ·
Krad Krad
Human Human
Male Male
14 years old 14 years old
Blue Blue
Blue Blue
5'2" 157 cm
Daisukes Friend Daisukes Friend
Greg Ayres Akira Ishida
D.N.Angel D.N.Angel

Character Description: Satoshi Hiwatari

Satoshi Hiwatari is a really smart teenager who graduated from Lagoon University at the age of 13. Satoshi wants to be Daisuke's friend... unfortunately, Satoshi turns into Krad when he gets too close to a friend, which is why he never goes out with anyone or has any close friends.

Satoshi dislikes Krad in the both the manga and anime because Krad is after Daisuke. Satoshi wants to destroy himself to get rid of the Hikari curse. Hikari doesn't try to kill himself until the end of the anime. Satoshi goes through a lot of pain.

Satoshi's last name used to be Hikari, but was changed when he was adopted by a man whose last name was Hiwatari.

In the manga, Satoshi has a crush on Risa, which can be seen when he uses a police excuse to ask her on a date. Also, in Book 4, I think he falls asleep on her and when she's lying on the beach after Daisuke saves her, he strokes her hair! Satoshi helps out Daisuke even though they're "enemies", which is a sign that he wants to be his friend.

Character Description: Satoshi Hiwatari

Satoshi is a classmate of Daisuke's. He is quiet, calm, and serious. Sometimes, that makes him seem cold.

He's trying to catch Dark, the mysterious thief that seems to be able to get past any alarm system...

Satoshi also has a 'DNAngel', Dark's archrival, Krad.

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